Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"It is finished," oh poop.

The universe heard my cry and responded with loving kindness as my hard workers wrapped up the last of the fencing today! We now have the most delightful ability to open the door whilst still in our pj's and send the canine tribe out to do their business like little soldiers. I did a small dance when I received the news and then thanked God for the fabulous price of it all. The picture is of the progress I came home to at lunch time and perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to take some better shots of the overall lot.

Now, having the yard fenced and sending the boys out unattended has it's down side. You see... Lucca has always been a "shit-eater." Since the day we brought him home and every day up to now, no matter what we put in his food or how fast we try to pick up the poop he's going to find some and when he does, he's going to eat it. For the most part we had managed to keep him out of it at the old house, but having this lack of fencing for over six weeks now had caused me to forget this most undesirable trait. I had grown so accustomed to taking the boys out on leash in the morning and then picking up after them at lunch every day when there's more light to work by. When I arrived home this evening, overjoyed to send them all out like a circus troop on holiday, I was quickly reminded that Lucca is still Lucca... a bona fide shit-eater through and through. After racing around the house and out into the dark corner of the yard he came zooming back with fragrant jowls overjoyed at the ability to once again relive his meals. Ugh.

I can't believe he has no respect for the newer, nicer-ness of this house and the fact that he should clearly be more dignified on this premises! I guess it's still poop no matter where you live and to Lucca it's the grandest thing on earth. So, here's to the yard being fully fenced and to many more years of us chasing the pup after he's mischievously hidden in the yard's dark corners to once again taste his breakfast... or dinner. At least he's into recycling, that will help preserve the planet.