Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

The last few days are becoming a blur or rather, I'm a blur in my memory of them. We're doing fine, other than back pain all around, just pretty spent at the moment and looking ever forward to the weekend. Although, this weekend will bring about allot of work to do on many levels because the old house has become a rental and our new tenant will move in on March 1st. We'll be spending much of Saturday morning working on the old house as the yard needs some attention and I have to get a handyman in there to fix a leak under the sink (And by handyman, I mean any man other than Hans.) He just prefers to stay away from manly things in general as if they are acid rain and he will be permanently disfigured if he touches them. Hans is great for other things though, very handy if you need kick-ass scrambled eggs or a grilled sandwich of some kind... he can also make you a great mixed CD or educate you on the crisis in the Middle East. After the house is cleaned and the windows are washed and blah, blah, blah, then we can move on to the same or similar needs plaguing us at the house of residence. What a weird experience it is to be reminded that we own two houses. We actually have a "rental house," how strange. How wonderful. I hope it stays wonderful. It could totally suck.

We did get something really exciting done this evening which was to take the guest bed out (sorry Jme) of the second bedroom to transform the space into a total dog room. Three giant crates and two baskets of dog paraphernalia was allot to have primarily in the tiny room we call our living space and it just wasn't going to work long term as we continued to foster. Seeing as how we almost never have a guest (something I wish were different), the guest bed had to go. These are the moments I find myself loathing this tiny house, but the fact of the matter is that it's my house for now and if you're not using something then it's going to waste. In the instance of furniture in a tiny space it's especially problematic because you have to dust and clean around something giant and useless and it's silly. Just silly. I am well aware that to MANY people a dog room is far sillier, but I am who I am and this "remodel" is so liberating to me. I can't tell you how rewarding it is to be able to save a life and if it takes giving up a guest bed (that didn't really fit in there anyway) then so be it. I can recommend several great B&B's for those of you who may eventually grace us with your presence. Perhaps I'll get some pictures up tomorrow, it's kind of like a doggy nursery. Please don't puke.

Alright, off to bed. An early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tammi, I hope your shoulder behaves for your tomorrow to enjoy your special day and know that we miss you very much!


always sunny said...

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!1 congrats on the rental. your dogs are cool enough, they DESERVE their own room. and cake.

Jay said...

Thanks again Cam! Hope your day wasn't too crazy. I can't wait to see the foster care quarters...

Check out the blog - we've got ground breaking pictures!

Deborah said...

... And one cannot underestimate the power of a grilled cheese sandwich, or being informed on international affairs. I can vouch that you are the most sane "dog person" I know, and that your dogs are some of the most enjoyable to be around, because of the time you invest in them (aka, they mind their manners so well!). As silly as a dog room might sound, it makes more sense than a room that isn't very functional - lord knows that those of us who live in 800 ft spaces need every inch we can get!
Have a good weekend!