Friday, March 28, 2008

What the... (no disrespect to Seniors, really)

Pertaining to my previous post, what the F@%$!K is up with Blogger and text editing?!??!?! It totally doesn't do what I say.

Also, what is up with the post office? There is always a line of people who wait for like two whole minutes and then when it's there turn, they are not paying attention AT ALL. The clerk looks at them and says "um, hello... next?" and the person waiting looks around and acts like they are so surprised that it's their turn. I swear, I see this no less than three times EVERY SINGLE TIME I'm at the post office and it drives me insane! Stop acting so surprised, did you not mean to come to the post office in the first place??? Are you surprised by how you got there and not sure what you need??? If so, DO NOT GO THERE ANYMORE AND ESPECIALLY DO NOT GO THERE DURING MY LUNCH HOUR!!!!! Listen up retired space cases, YOU HAVE ALL FREAKIN DAY! Check your mailbox and pick up your home shopping network crap or medicare vitamins first thing in the morning when you've already been up for FIVE HOURS or wait until around 2pm, OK? I just want to duck in and duck out, no weaving through geriatric obstacle courses or standing in line with idiots. I just want to get in and get out during the ten minutes I can spare from my lunch hour. Can you at least try to focus here????

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