Sunday, April 6, 2008

A ton of pictures

So I ordered this stuff about a week and a half ago to try yet another so called cure for canine stool eating (as if there's another species I'd be referring to). I really thought they might be on to something here... I mean, it does after all promise that it "stops stool eating" and "makes feces unpalatable." Unpalatable, that's what I needed the poop around here to be. No more running out to the yard like a bat out of hell to try and stop Lucca mid-meal, or trying to be present for every deposit so as to immediately scoop it and pitch it in to the blackberry bushes. (About those bushes, we were thinking we should make a sign for them indicating that they shouldn't be picked, remind me later). Seriously though, what I need is for the crap to taste so vile he can't even stand for it to be within 20 feet of him which then buys me time to get to it first. Is that possible? Could it be that I've found the one?? Doubt it. Lucca has been going for his own poop and Miles' poop so both of them have been receiving Dis-Taste in their meals since the middle of last week and thus far I've caught Lucca still "partaking" on at least two occasions. Grrrrrr. I'll give it more time, but I suspect this is going to be a waste as well. This whole behavior seems to be his PRIMARY MOTIVATION FOR LIVING. That and sleeping under the covers.

I totally took a stab at the whole make-up debate, but I was mortified at the condition of my photos so I basically wimped out. I'm a Clinique girl through and through only because I have extremely sensitive skin and theirs is the only makeup line that doesn't make my face feel like someone just poured acid on it. In addition to being oober sensitive, my skin is extremely dry and as you can see, I have more moisturizers than eye shadows. I've always been intrigued by the bare minerals and other similar product types, but when a friend gave me some to try last year it was way too dry and my skin felt itchy from it. I can't say that I'm entirely happy with what I have going now though and maybe someone can weigh in for me regarding severely dry complexions and what works best for them. I hate my camera, it's so discouraging to have an idea and see the potential for something (not talking about the silly application of face paint at this point, just in general) and to be unable to follow through with it. I'm going to need to get past this particular wish because it's just not affordable right now and I'll whine myself in to a rut if I don't let it go. Letting go. There... gone... ish. This is a better pic of me from Saturday before going to shindig/partay thingy. Rock star. So far a good birthday month.

I do have a submission for the official Photopie challenge regarding ones work space. Ours is messy and I've always hated the CORDS. I really don't know much about computers or media or the ins and outs of anything technologically based, but I do know I hate the clusterf*@%k of cords that comes along with my husbands choice of equipment. Why is it that nobody else seems to have this kind of arrangement? Is there something I'm missing here other than the Mac fans who just don't count? I kid. I kid. The addition of the laptop certainly proves there's one way to ditch the cord clutter, but I know I'm not the last one to get a laptop. How do you manage the cords?!?!?!

Lastly, here's dog the first and dog the fourth. How cute are these boys... I think they are trying to figure out how to help me with my cord dilemma. They don't like it when I'm tied up trying to figure out things like that when I could be at the beach or park with them.


always sunny said...

ooooooh. your makeup picture is ADORABLE. you are hot, you did a great job and i just want to kiss you all over! and i mean ALL over.

excuse that.
i got a little carried away.
own it.

Allie said...

I found you on EmilyPie and I thought I would stop by and say hi.

You are quite funny and I have enjoyed reading several of your posts. Your dogs are adorable.

Ashley said...

hooray for photos!

i love the one of you in the mirror. I want my hair to look JUST like yours! So cute!!!!

Misguided Mommy said...

I was eating breakfast while I read this.

I think I'm done eating for the rest of the day

Misguided Mommy said...

It was the part about your dog eating all his poo!

And now I'm reliving it!

Deborah said...

Yes, I check your blog about 3x a day.
OMG, I am so jealous of your skin! Are you using the needle already? ;)And as for the cords... my husband is a mac user so I completely empathize, and no I haven't figured out what to do. Not to mention I have a baby that seems magnetized to them. Yours looks better under control than mine. I swear sometimes I even smell smoke!