Monday, May 12, 2008

The last four...

I'm going to catch you all up on the last few days with mostly photos because that's all I have right now. I'm in a space. Feeling much better than last week and at the same time, feeling even worse somehow. Weird things are happening 'round here and I'm about to have the water tested and toss some salt over my shoulder to try and intercept the breeding of Mom and Pop Bizarre. Thank goodness we went away for the weekend and circumnavigated the "red alert" level of funkness that I could be in. Were I to have added this morning's developments to the tip top of that heap, we might have been forced to admit me to a week long "spa/rehab" experience wherein a team of experts in the fields of Flattery and Retail Therapy (I think that requires a four year degree) systematically inflate you and physically form words with your lips like, "I am beautiful," "I am sane." There would be spoon feeding and reminders to pee... it wouldn't be pretty, not a real spa at all. I can't elaborate. I wish I could. Focus on this...

Woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to drop the boys off at their favorite alternate house, the Bark Avenue Hotel, and made sure to send them off with a cookie from the coffee stand on the way.

Our dear friend Brian

had a birthday on Friday and was kind enough to invite some of us far away schmucks to his mountain chalet to celebrate. Brian and his wife Andrea,

live in Manson/Lake Chelan and this was my first opportunity to see their house and explore their little slice of paradise in the hillside of what has become one of my favorite places to get away to. We had to endure a three and a half hour drive and it was kind of sketchy as to whether or not our marriage would survive with my husband driving the first half, but we made it and we're still in love so... lesson learned: I am a jerk, but I should always drive. I made Brian this collage card which had an Anthro gift card sleeve on the backside to hold the birthday note. No gift card, I'm not that retarded, just a clever re-use of packaging, that's all.

We spent most of our all to short weekend eating, lounging and playing games. B and A's dog Bubba likes his uncle Hans.

The hammock was great... until we broke it.

Can you see the crate of beer in the creek???

On Sunday morning Bubba and I went for a little run up to another lake near B and A's place, a great escape in the early morning hours and just what the doctor ordered what with all those HILLS for my ASS. Brian and another friend, Chris, drove up there to attempt fly fishing in the wind and then promptly gave up and ran away to town with Bubba and I in tow for coffee... we later got in trouble for this as everyone else was jealous. Too bad you slept in folks.

After Mother's Day breakfast the women ventured to a farm/nursery/small town catch all and met some goats. This one was supposed to be the most skeptical, but I liked him just the same. Andrea bought some plants... I daydreamed about BIG, FANCY cameras.

I guess we said our farewells around 5:30pm and made our way back to the proper side of the mountains in time for the 9:30pm ferry. The drive home was boring so, we tested out our speedometer and you don't have to worry my friends, it's working fine.

I also riffled through Hans' wallet to pass the time which he just loves (and by loves I mean hates). I cleaned out half a pound of old receipts and useless punch cards and felt sorry for him not having any correct currency. If he would just consent to a man purse he would save himself so much back pain from his chunky wallet... seriously, check out all the Pesos! Not a single dollar in that wallet, but the guy could by a crap load of Chiclets in Mexico.

I had to go back to work today, leaving the hubby to retrieve our canine kids and to generally hold down the fort, but hold me up in the process too. As I mentioned earlier, this morning necessitated some serious mid day regrouping so, we met for lunch and marvelled at my compulsive food separating skills.

As if a lunch date wasn't enough, my McDreamy here was doing this when I pulled in the driveway tonight! I arrived to Salmon cakes and grilled veggies... just what I was wanting.

The grilled potatoes were SO GOOD. Yummy sea salt and herbs and olive oil... oh my! Thanks baby for taking such good care of me, you're a stud!

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day weekend, I certainly thought about my Mom and wished I could have properly pampered her, but alas the miles are in the way. I love you Mom, you're quite amazing and I'm so thankful to have you in my life. XOXO

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anna joy said...

i dig your blog :) thank you for your kind words my spankie situation. thanks for un lurking yourself, lol! plz come back again soon!

p.s. we are getting a dog from the humane society soon, i'll keep you updated ;)