Monday, June 16, 2008

Memories, found and unfound.

Something strange happened today. I forgot which toothbrush is mine. No really, I was home for lunch, ate some leftovers and then wanted to brush my teeth, but as I stood at the sink looking at the toothbrushes- I was stumped. Right as I was starting to panic the phone rang and THANK GOODNESS it was my very understanding husband who calmly walked me through this process of part, tell-her-flat-out-but-don't-crush-her and part, give-her-clues-to-figure-it-out-on-her-own. There are currently three toothbrushes in the holder, but one of them is for CLEANING. Ick. Don't ask me how it's been left there so long because if I can't remember which toothbrush is mine then you can be sure I have NO IDEA when that cleaning implement was knighted "Scrubber of Grout." All I know is that it has been used for tasks unholy in the light of oral cleansing and that it looks a lot like the the toofbrush that is mine. We figured it out together, my hubby and I, my teeth were brushed and I went on with my day slightly disturbed. God bless my husband and please, PLEASE Jesus I need some sleep tonight!

On the other hand, there are things I do remember. Like the other night, after a few Mike's (it doesn't take much people) I thought it would be a great idea to try out the new tire-horse swing that my Dad hung up for my sisters... it's too small for me (heck, it's too small for almost all of us!) but the following worthwhile hysteria ensued. I laughed so hard my sister peed her pants a little (IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH PEOPLE) and then we stood around a ghetto burn barrel and talked to my Dad about tattoo ideas, materials acceptable for burning and how kissing leads to sex. It was brilliant.

Love this shot. Talia in the background laughing.

That feeling in your tummy when you lean WAY back on a swing, that "flip" feeling... magic.

Jacque thinks this is hilarious, I had to honor her photography skillz by adding it to the mix.



Raven said...

That sounds like an awesome day. Erm, the horse swing, burn barrel and conversation. OBV, not the toothbrush bit. LOL.

Colleen Sherman said...

OMG. That swing is hilarious. What size person was it built for though. :-) Looks like you guys had a good time on it though.