Saturday, July 5, 2008

More glorious proof of the beach and family...

For those of you with dogs who'd rather be dead than hang around listening to fireworks I recommend ANTIHISTAMINES. A little generic Benadryl went a long way in keeping Lucca calm and rested while we were out partying it up on the beach last night. It's safe to give in small doses, often recommended for dogs who are shipped in airplanes as opposed to the sometimes dangerous tranquilizers from your vet and the best part is, the affects last long into the following day. Our little dude is a total ball of cuddly, tongue-hanging-out, mellow goodness.

Everything was peaceful until the smelly boy cousin set off a smoke bomb in the girly-fort...

I can see the intruders coming, prepare to launch smelly diapers!!!

Hans escaped for a bit and took these last two... he also managed to capture quite a few more beauties of the beach and fireworks, perhaps they'll continue to make an appearance later.

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lorieloo said...

ohmygoodness I haven't seen the Indy-bug in so long-we need to get her mummy a camera!

I'm so glad you had a great fourth! I'm jealous of your beach celebration! =)