Sunday, July 6, 2008

On a blog-roll and dreaming...

A few more sun salutations from our neck of the woods. Miles is such a sucker for water, it's impossible to get the hose out for anything, and expect him to stand by and watch without so much as a trickle to moisten his lips or mist his face. (Did I really use moist and mist in the same sentence? Oi.) Exhibit A: The intention was to hose off a couple of spots in the yard, but NO... a hose attack must be involved either before,


or after,


While I was soaking up some sun today, I read a wonderful article in the current issue of The BARK about BAD RAP and their commitment to and success with the rescued Pits from Micheal Vick's hideous dog fighting yard. I can't tell you the extent of good things I've heard about this rescue group from all over the globe, but in this instance, advocating for these dogs was a monumental thing and it will continue to have a positive impact on the fate of future dogs delivered from such horrible circumstances. These are success stories that any dog advocate would be delighted to hear and stories which should not be forgotten simply because of time. I also encourage you to subscribe to The Bark if you haven't already, not only is it entertaining and educational, but also a means of advertisement and advocacy for misunderstood and misrepresented breeds such as Pit Bulls.

Time and again I find myself sure that if we could drop everything here on this island we would and off to the mainland we'd go or even further still, to join hands with groups like BAD RAP to be a part of the good (hard) work that they're doing to give these creatures a voice. My heart is bigger than my pocket book when it comes to pups... ugh. Dreams.

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