Monday, July 28, 2008

Was thinking of just going forward...

Early morning alone time on Saturday at my brother's place.

I'm not even sure anyone cares to hear a recap of my weekend, but that's not the point now is it? This is my space to write what I want so, if I want to recap for memories' sake then recap I will.

Weekend was great.

Mom is awesome.

Girl's Night Out at Sweet Petula rocked.

After the festivities at SP, we headed downtown to catch a late movie and I got a kick out of the parking spot that was waiting for us in the garage near Pacific Place... it's the little things that count people.

Step Brothers was totally disgusting, but we laughed right along with all of the other fifteen year old boys and I haven't stopped threatening to do things with my hypothetical nut sack ever since. That's what happens when you watch Will Ferrell... you suddenly think it's ok to talk about your nut sack or to put your nut sack on things. It's not ok, it's really not ok. I'm on a serious Will Ferrell diet, can't take another bathroom humor movie for about six months at least. At least! And yes, I do know I don't technically have a nut sack. I have my own set of balls however.
Anywho, Mom and I shopped till we dropped, at till we popped and then I changed my hair color (picture soon). I had a fancy-shmancy appointment at Gene Juarez and I'm now a rich mahogany shade of my former self. It's lovely, I could only by happier with it if it had been free.

Appreciating the dressing room details at Anthro...

Anthropologie... jammy bottoms both of us ended up buying. I could LIVE in these pants!

The next few weeks are packed. I look at the calender and can't help but feel a little sick. I was really enjoying all those relaxing weekends in July when we could wander down to the beach to visit with my family or kick back and watch movies and take our time getting chores done on the days off that tend to go by much too quickly. It seems that Friday through Sunday of the next four weekends are full to the brim with functions and events and get-togethers and trips. I'm going away for six days this month with my dear friend and Hans is taking that time off work to hold down the fort and focus on things of importance to him. Thus begins the picking and choosing of which happenings are most important to participate in and which can be let go of. There's also the matter of funds too... meh. Anyone want to borrow my balls for a small fee? I could use the extra cash for my trip.

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Raven said...

I like weekend recaps!

Can't wait to see the new hair :)