Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wedding weekend number TWO. Yesterday in brief...

Well, I'm in trouble. I wore the dress, but I dressed it down. The wedding was specifically "casual" which led me to feel that the entire get up from the wedding a week before was too much to repeat. I chose black flats instead and wore my hair down with a little more playful jewelry than the previous occasion. I'm glad I went with my gut, but I have to say, I didn't feel nearly as lovely and frankly... I hated my hair. This is probably a great deal to with hormones more than anything, but it was also not as flattering a look for me. I'm really in a weird place with my grow-out, the bangs are longer than they've been in years and I'm due for a trim and thinning that I won't get for another two months. In any event, no pictures! AGAIN! Maybe my family members will have some down the road, but our crappy little camera just didn't stand up to the conditions of this event. Too many zoom-necessitated shots and low lighting in the tents... piece of !*#*&@. I NEED TO HURRY UP AND GET MY DREAM CAMERA.

Here's the bridesmaids shot I managed from my seat, there were nine bridesmaids and nine groomsman... the men were mostly firefighters so you can imagine how yummy that was. Too bad I sat on the ladies side. I tell you what, the fact that it was in the 80's that day made those dresses perfect, any lesser warmth in the air and the women would have been frozen! Someone had balls for a Seattleite.

Jenny and Matt, just married!

Over there to the right... you can see the arbor and the chairs were lined up there.

The ceremony was lake-side and afterwards we all hoofed it uphill with our folding chairs in tow to the tents along the side yard of the house.

The location was the bride's parent's house and it's one of the most spectacular homesteads I've ever been too. I think they've lived there most of their twenty-nine years of marriage and I imagine it looked nothing like it does now when they bought it. Today, it's absolutely stunning. The bride is my husband's cousin and one of her brothers was married at the same house about five years ago. Of the four children, I'm willing to bet there will be four weddings there before they're done, I hope they just went ahead and bought the tents.

The wedding was generally lovely, but it took a total of seven hours travel time including the ferry rides which left us completely exhausted by the time we returned home at midnight. I'm committed to having a garage sale before the next "far, but not too far" event if that's what it takes to raise the funds to stay the night somewhere nearby. It's never fun to chug that third glass of champagne and head home... I wanted to get my groove on and the dancing had just begun! Next time...

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