Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boo hoo.

Wah. I can't upload jack s*%&t so, I'm out. I have excellent options for further humiliation of my person, but for the last twenty-four hours I've tried every which way to get said video clips uploaded and to no avail. I can't even upload a picture. Take my last submission for Ashley's challenge, it's gonna have to do!

Well, we are now the mind-numbingly proud owners of cable again. I've watched no less than fifteen episodes of Little People Big World and there seems to be no end in sight for John and Kate Plus Eight either. Somebody take the remote away from me! One question, how can it be that there are still rerun episodes of Saved by the Bell??? I had no idea and frankly... I'm disappointed. I had really hoped that being away from the television for nearly a year would yield some improvements in my viewing selection, someone should have reminded me that there are these hideous interruptions in between show segments called commercials and that it's entirely too difficult to go to bed at a reasonable hour when you can watch a show like "Living with half a body" on the Discovery channel. Dangerous. I've rediscovered the ability to talk on the phone, blog/upload pics/email and watch television all at the same time. Kinda sick, huh? Those steroidal multitasking moments are few and far between though I promise, mostly I only do two things at once.

Yesterday Hans and I received an estimate for the removal of some pesky trees looming along the top of our hillside and threatening to come down on our home or garage should the winds pick up around here again. Now, the wind picking up around here is as likely as oh... say... RAIN in WASHINGTON. Cumulonimbus clouds have already made several appearances in our neck of the woods and they brought their friends too, Humilis and Congestus. Anywho, that there estimate... a glorious and completely unaffordable... (drum roll please) $3,900! Grrr. This whole tree removel/bluff securing thing is a Must Do, but how? Prostitution on the weekends? Psychotic bake sale five days a week? Canine organ donation? I kid, I kid. Definitely something to think about though and important to plan for, I think Hans should start doing clown work at children's parties to make some extra dough, I'm sure the money's good in that locally untapped market. Although, I could end up receiving a phone call to come get him from the local jail because he "put little johnny upside down in the punch bowl for smarting off..." we're just not patient people 'round here.

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