Thursday, October 9, 2008

Disappointed much?

I'm not disappointed, Lucca is. He wanted a chewy thing when I was home for lunch (you know, anything dehydrated, leathered, smoked, basted, colored, crispy, baked, stuffed...) and I didn't feel guilty enough to give him one. He is pretty stinking cute, but I know better. He has a good life, they all do and the chewies have to be eaten sparingly.
Period. The end.

I'm actually quite, appointed(?) (less the dis), because I slept last night. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Ringing bells! Firing cannons! I slept last night and now I feel like it's going to be possible to live again. I absolutely cannot, I repeat, cannot go without sleep for two+ days in a row. It just gets ugly. I have a date with the Tylenol PM's again tonight so as not to take a chance and because I'm still in allot of pain. I just have all this shoulder, neck, back, blah blah blah pain and it's awful to deal with when you're also TOTALLY EXHAUSTED. The two go hand in hand for sure, one gets worse because of the other and thus the downward spiral of miserableness plummets me to my doom... Whoa, basically that's true though.

Any-who, thinking allot about a vlog per Ashley's invitation and coming up with some ideas here and there. This is kind of a tough one though, it has to be good, I can't just throw some crap "howdy do" up here and I don't have my little digital point and shoot anymore to take this production elsewhere. Hhmmm, you think and I'll think and you participate and I'll eventually participate and we'll all be happy and rested. There we go, a video of me drugged and sleeping, brilliant.

Oh and a great, big, giant OH MY GOSH! Guess what's coming for me...

Only the coolest coat in a long time from the sweetest husband ever.

I. Can't. Wait.

'Cuz I'm really cold!

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sarah marie p said...

A coat from Anthro? Ummmm I think I hate you. I mean, congrats on the coat! What a sweetie hubbie!