Sunday, December 21, 2008

The most precious little tracks were outside our front door this morning revealing the pilgrimage a certain feathered friend made searching, I presume, for breakfast. They began on the very seam of the door and made their way across our doormat and along the front porch where they wound around the empty flower pot and off into the snow covered yard. I imagined he/she was peering in our glass door at some point wishing to come in. Darling...

Much was accomplished today, but one thing we never managed to wrap up. I wanted lights hanging from the ceiling, but the boys were better photo subjects than decorating assistants and more than anything- I just didn't have enough hardware.

Oh well, they're adorable so the failure to raise a canopy of lights is forgiven (even though it really has nothing to do with them) and perhaps will be attempted in the coming days. At least we have paper chains! Two and a half more days of work before we're officially celebrating Christmas, my sleeplessness is sure to intensify beginning... NOW! I still can't believe we have snow for Christmas this year it's just beyond our wildest dreams.


See Sherm Blog said...

Ha! Rocco would NEVER sit still enough to allow lights wrapped around him. :-)

sohobutterfly said...

Love the pic of your pooper wrapped in lights.

(Which pooper am I talking about? Whichever one you want me to be talking about!)