Friday, December 5, 2008

Why is there a black edge on the left side of all of my pictures?

That's a question I have just now as I upload a few crappy pictures from the last 24hrs... all of them with a faded black edge which I never intentionally applied by either changing a setting on my camera or during uploading. I don't edit my pictures so, it's not from that either. What's up with the black? Searching. for. manual... must. get. answer... will. die. if. camera. broken. still...

Meanwhile, Rocko kept me company last night as I continued work on a few pillows I'm gifting for Christmas. They didn't photograph very well, the colors aren't as vibrant in the pictures, but you get the idea. I have to finish stuffing the "circle" pillow...

...and the "owl" pillow is much farther along now, I worked on it until late last night and now have just a few last minute details and then stuffing/closure for both. This little owl pillow is my favorite so far since the nest was a particular success. I free-handed all of these little projects (never photographed the first pillow before I wrapped it) and with the nest it was a guess as to how I would achieve the right texture. I think he's pretty darn cute, now just wait 'till you see the finished product.

At the beginning of the week all I wished for was that Friday would come. It was one of those Mondays when the week just seemed doomed to drag on forever and with all of the upcoming parties and Christmas celebrations (beginning NEXT week) I wanted to just "get there" if you will, to find myself transported to the "good stuff." Well, here we are. Friday. It went as quickly as I hoped and now I have this weekend to put the finishing touches on some projects, clean, cook, maybe(?) deal with the trees that we had taken down WEEKS AGO and, you know... mow the lawn, do copious amounts of laundry because it never ends, make Christmas cards, remove a couch from our garage to Dad's garage, clean the clinic, walk the dogs, babysit my sisters, cut Mary's hair blah, blah, blah! Just a few things on the to-do list. Just a few.

Thinking about the dirty skylight in our bedroom, add that to the list. Little did I know when I was at home for lunch today taking this... a lovely bottle of dark Rum was going to be waiting for me when I returned to my desk at work. Thanks Kelly! You made my day~

Wanna see the boys?
Ta da!

Happy Friday night everyone! I hope you all enjoy your weekends and I'll see you in the midst of it. Cheers!


Marianne Elixir said...

I love the pillows! Very fun. Thanks for the reminder to get back on our gift projects.

Good luck with the camera. I wish I knew anything to offer as help.

See Sherm Blog said...

If I were to create a list of things that I wanted to accomplish before I die... sewing would be WAY up on the top of that list. I thought I might start that project when I was prego, but that hasn't yet to happen... since that would require buying a sewing machine and taking a class or two.

All that to say... those pillows are so cute! Love the owl.

So sad to hear about the camera. Looks like there is something still wrong with it, since no setting that I know of would purposefully do that. Hope its something that can easily be fixed.