Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here lies Lucca (and/or Cameron)...

I almost killed Lucca today... several times. His incessant whining was just too much and something came over me that pretty distinctly resembled a she-devil-demon-dragon. It's a wonder I didn't end up dead as Hans could not have been blamed for putting everyone out of their misery by shoving me off the beautiful bluff we so triumphantly hiked today after I totally lost my mind in route to the sea.

The morning was going really well, happy mama, happy birthday boy, happy puppies... homemade sticky buns and movies, OH MY! Then we packed up and headed out for an adventure, that's when Lucca started the whining and literally did not stop for the entire thirty-five minute drive, continuing through our hour and a half hike and then STILL MORE while we loaded back up to drive home. Then he hit a wall and slept. May I just say, it's very rare for Lucca to walk AND whine, he usually fusses a bit when we pass another dog or something otherwise interesting, but it's just a fleeting moment and then he moves on. Normally we do not hear from him when we're "exercising" like that and I'm wondering if maybe he was unsettled by the view or something... it's just too weird. Oh wait, it could have been a test. If it was a test, of the emergency Canine Parenting System, I totally failed. I failed so purely that it was as if I put on everyone else's oxygen masks before mine, didn't use the deployed shoot at all and went in the opposite direction of the emergency track line indicating an exit. Plane down. Epic. Fail.

Surely, this is the same as a screaming infant in the back seat because MY GOD I wanted to gouge my eyes out and crash the car to change focus, it seemed like the only option. I think I torqued my shoulder trying to beat him repeatedly from the front seat... because I couldn't reach him. Lucca survived this time, and I had to apologize for being an ass on this our second birthday extravaganza day. I have only this request of Cesar Millan,

At least we experienced a new and STUNNING beach/bluff which we will most definitely return to, but more prepared next time. The trails are very narrow which requires long leashes instead of the usual short since the dogs don't have room to walk beside you. It would also be nice to bring a back pack containing a picnic lunch and of course, NO LUCCA OF ANY KIND!

On our drive home we stalked some pretty birds starting with an eagle on one of the power poles leading out of town and then half a dozen more just along the highway. This Island is thee place to see bald eagles and hawks, they're wonderfully abundant. At home, our bird feeder was also alive with happy little gatherers soaking up the sun and after playing with the camera a bit, we managed to tidy up before heading out for dinner at my Mom and Dad's (Mom's in Mexico this week though). Thanks again for the cake and yummies Dad (and girls!), Hans and I are lucky to share birthdays with you!

Hey, guess who's guest blogging for my blogiversary on the 31st???
Husband is!
This could be nuts... :o)

OK, bye.


Marianne Elixir said...

yeah, now imagine it really was a screaming infant only it lasted longer and you had the same bad-parent inclinations....

Not that that's EVER happened to me (ahem...cough, cough).

always sunny said...

so, on the scale of ONE to RED ROBIN, how would you rate it? i can still feel that red robin pain every time i think about it. it was torture. and you held up well, but now you know how important it was for me to merely choke her to death. wait, out of line.