Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ouchie arm...

Eight little tubes and I didn't even get a free cookie.
I did get myself some Twix though. Good. Trade.

I'm a bad mama, Lucca turned 2 and I forgot to tell you.
Happy Belated little Lucca, you're my baby boy!

I can't wait for our weekend in Portland on the 16th, I'm tired of taking pictures inside my cluttered house and I look forward to getting out for a few days with just my lovely husband. The woman who runs our preferred boarding kennel became very ill recently and had to have surgery, I received a call today informing me of this and that she has to cancel all clients for the next few weeks. Our kids were on the list of scheduled clients. Not sure what we're doing about the pups, but come hell or high water (both apply right now) we're getting to Portland ALONE!

Feel better favorite puppy sitter Carol, we hope to hear that you're up and running again soon!

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sohobutterfly said...

Ouchie! I hope you find someone able to keep the puppers.