Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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I'll just apologize right from the get-go because this is not going to be the post I want it to be nor the one this topic deserves. I'm so epically failing at blogging right now with my body hurting and my profanity at an all time high... the days feel long and the desire to write doesn't overpower the desire to rest. Here's to hoping something is better than nothing! Even though the words are still not perfectly formed (as I said, SO. MUCH. PROFANITY.), I just can't hold it in anymore how miserable I feel about this situation. I can't be silent about the ignorance in this country surrounding the HSUS and how terribly I feel for the loss of these dogs when a proper evaluation had not been done.

A terrible tragedy has taken place in our country and it's one that should remind us to speak up and speak out LOUDLY for those innocent souls who are/were without a voice. Again, in the interests of getting to bed at a decent hour I'm going to send you here, here and here to get more on this story and to hopefully educate at least one new person on the lack of consideration in the case of these 146 dogs (many of which were just puppies!) taken from a bust in Wilksboro, NC and and then destroyed without proper evaluation or a chance at rehabilitation by any of the numerous volunteering (hell, they were BEGGING) organizations who specialize in this breed or with these behavioral issues.

I have to plead with you to see the forest through the trees. Please, if anyone is currently supporting the HSUS by way of donations or product purchases of any kind, please PLEASE make sure you want to send that message of support to a group who clearly has it out for the APBT and who doesn't do right by these dogs, the Vick dogs should still have a voice and a gold star story to tell which does not allow us to ignore the canine potential any longer. Please write, call, email, SHOUT OUT and tell everyone you know, to get the facts! Please withdrawal your support and tell them why! Fighting is bad, hurting animals is unthinkable, rescue can be wonderful, but mass euthanasia without proper evaluation and not allowing communities to come together to help innocent victims who could still have alot to give is WRONG.



Paco said...

word. This whole situation makes me sick. It's time the HSUS revised it's ancient, out-of-date policies.

if there's one bright side it's that John Goodwin released a *very* defensive press release after the fact. Feeling the heat, eh?

always sunny said...

i can vouch for her profanity. she emailed me said shoice words last night...IN ALL CAPS.
i was shocked.

always sunny said...

and by that, i meant CHOICE words. see, you got me all worked up.