Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There is no edit that will hide your blemish...

It's been some weeks since I felt like myself and I imagine it will be awhile still before things start to level off again... here's to hoping. The fact of the matter is, I/WE need a vacation.

Seems I'm a better blog reader than blog writer because my evening routine still consists of checking in on how all of my favorite people are and what they're up to, but "hearing" myself talk has grown old. Emotions run high right now as we practice faith and diligence regarding our finances and the fate of our rental house, even higher as I put up with a faulty body for the fourteen year of my life. The diagnoses of Behcet's is official and despite the fact that I already knew it was coming, I couldn't help but break down a bit when my doctor actually said it was so. There are now legitimate reasons to fear the future and yet, what good will that fearing do? I have to stay in the moment and be positive even if it's all I can do to get up in the morning. I'm frustrated with my job too, but that's not something I can expand on here. As a matter of fact, I just finished expressing to my husband all of my frustrations and I'll be darned if that doesn't make one feel like a real loser in the end. Once again, thank God for my husband. I can be so crazy... straight up irrational and 100% Aries, but he's so steadfast, tolerating the madness like a champ. Did I mention how badly we need to get away? I think both of us are dreaming of Portland DAILY. I'm also dreaming of Valentine's chocolates... yum.

On another totally different note, I'm completely obsessed with "Octo-Mom." What the heck was she thinking??? Is anyone else totally glued to the news on this crazy lady? I don't even want one kid so you can imagine how foreign the desire to have FOURTEEN kids would be. Her story draws me in the same way the Duggar family's does. Like Cirque Du Soleil, you can't help but stare! One major difference though, the Duggar family takes care of themselves...

What's on the horizon for the glorious Hallmark holiday otherwise known as Valentine's Day? Oh, nothing. We have to keep it cheap so... getting creative to say the least. And you? Any lovey-dovey plans? I really loved this idea, how darling!


Lauryn said...

Sorry to hear you're not in the blogging mood lately. I too have been a much better reader than writer lately. If only I could just have my computer with my everywhere I go... but I feel like I'm so busy and it's sitting home alone on my desk where I can't give it or my blog the attention they deserve.

Hopefully things will start to slow down soon!

I'm working on Valentines Day evening, which is quite romantic. Asking rude, smelly people if they have a Reward Zone Card really makes you feel loved.

mendedheart said...

We are sad that you got the offical diagnosis and that things have been difficult for you lately, in spite of all the wonderful joys you have in your life. Thinking of you and those of us who know how to pray are doing that as well.