Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mom/Mary Birthday part one... We came, we saw, we conquered the mall.

First things first... I have a confession to make. I bought an article of clothing that was
Yeah, I know. What was I even doing trying this on, you ask? It's a short and uncomplicated story so, I'm not going to get in to all that, but the important thing is that the dress was on killer sale and I totally adore it. It would have been wrong to leave it on the Banana Republic sale rack all alone and... lonely. Period. End of story. Just tell me it's darling and don't remind me that I didn't reach my ONE AND ONLY resolution for 2009. Whatevs.
(I should clarify that the dress didn't include the black ruffle underskirt, that was something I already had. Do I get back any points for reusing that skirt? Nothing? Come on...)

On to the birthday goodness for today! Here's sister Mary who is turning 12 on Monday and couldn't possibly be more in love with Edward from Twilight... I couldn't care less about this story/movie/etc. and have not read/watched/ogled any of it, but I don't have to because Mary is very good at talking about it every five minutes and is always careful to point out absolutely EVERY speck of paraphernalia we pass by. Such as this copy of the first book found prominently displayed at Borders... never mind that she has already read the book, we still had to stop and stroke it a bit before heading to lunch.

Waiting for lunch (probably daydreaming of Edward...)

Spectacular as always, now view this crappy picture that our waitress took....

We totally felt sorry for Mary that she can't drink Asian Pear Mojitos yet, they're SO GOOD!

Summer caught this shot with my camera. Loves it.
"Make a wish that DOES NOT INCLUDE EDWARD!!!" Dear Lord please... :o)

You know, the list of best things to do when it's raining and cold out should absolutely include "go get a pedicure" because this was truly a delightful way to relax and warm up after traversing the soaking wet parking lot and super chilly restaurant. Mary's idea to spend the day with her mom and sisters was super sweet and we enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks Mary for including me!

Now I'm off to bed, one Mocha Semifreddo is already constructed and in the freezer for tomorrow's dinner party, another one may need to follow as the numbers have increased from "normal" size to "Oh crap, we need more food" size. Can't wait to show you the magnificent tulips I brought my husband this evening, I figured it was only fair for me to bring him flowers if I wanted to receive them! There's actually still so much to gush about, but I'm too tuckered. Soon... Night lovelies.

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Raven said...

I love those mojitos! MMMM now I want one.