Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Observation frustration.

Wanokoto Rocko. This site is so fun to play with, I can see myself becoming totally addicted.

Is there a bribe tempting enough that I can offer the powers that be to speed up the arrival of daylight savings? I'm so ready. Please hurry up daylight and save ME! I've been unable to run for two days in a row now and it's making me crazy. First it was an important staff meeting after work last night and then big fat rain and a lack of dinner options tonight which made me feel guilty if I didn't get to work on something for us to eat before 9pm.

Oh, no.

This is how it starts.

One minute you're 110 pounds, selfish and fit as a fiddle until slowly you start "caring about others" and "making sacrifices" until your hips expand and you're sluggish soup-for-a-brain can't get off the couch and quit blogging about housekeeping or your irritability.

Wait, what? That won't be me because I'd have to care about others more. *wink, wink*

Just say'n, it will be wonderful to have the skies illuminated once again beyond 6:15pm so, that I can have the freedom to enjoy my workouts despite leaving the office late or needing to stop at the store on the way home. I said I love running, but I did not say I love running in the dark!

Also something I love... a clean house. Ha! I'm blogging about housekeeping! Touche'.

I was actually going to whine about how my house won't stay clean for even a day, some sort of malfunction in the design I'm sure. It's incredible how 800sqft can be so difficult to maintain actually. I find the fact that I can vacuum my entire house in 15 minutes spectacular, but at the same time, there are only so many places for dust and dirt to accumulate around here and they're not hidden places. With three dogs we're constantly being assaulted by dust bunnies rolled in little Lucca hairs and a nice coating of dust/hair is on every inch of any shelf or ledge if I'm not aggressively sucking them up every other day. Our house is very efficient and without clutter because in a tiny space you have to learn to live with what you use and to use what you live with, but having the same surfaces bombarded day after day with toothbrush splatter and dog slime or puppy feet and messy husbands, really wears those surfaces out.

There are moments when the inability to stay on top of the cleanliness really gets to me, but I realize I'm just flat outnumbered by the roommates who don't give a shit in this house and the only way things would become a little more in my perfectionist/neat freak favor is if we have less pets. Well, we all know that's not going to change anytime soon! CONUNDRUM. Systems are good though and Hans is helpful, but I'll always have the obnoxious voice in my head that points out every single smudge and flaw or speck of dust within my view at any given moment. As a result, I rather look forward to losing my eyesight... just a little.

Please come and visit and I'll do my best to be fit and clean, but if I'm neither svelte nor tidy please just pretend you didn't see. Um k?

Now, about my irritability...

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