Thursday, March 26, 2009

Too busy, too tired, too caught up in having daylight to run in when I leave work in the evenings, too many eye drops for stupid eye issues and too little time! Birthday season is upon us for my family, tomorrow is my Mom's birthday and then on Monday my littlest sister will turn 13. We have a full weekend of manicures/pedicures, lunch out and a family party... somehow I have to clean the clinic and take care of a few chores around here in between. I'm also responsible for the dessert and salad on Sunday, but I haven't decided what to make. Oh the possibilities! Miles also needs some mani/pedi attention, those nails need a "spa day" in the worst way. Be back soon~

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Lauryn said...

Ooh, hope you have an amazing girls weekend! I need some mani/pedi action almost as much as Miles!

I love Spring birthdays!