Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Blog,
Sometimes I think you are lovely and sometimes I wish you didn't exist.
I came home from vacation to sickness, my nose is rosy and sore from so many tissues!
After a long day of work and then a run and finally, attempts to rest, you are the last thing I want to feel the need to do. You're still calling me though,
I can't resist your Html and photo uploading goodness.
Let's make a deal, I'll give a little if you give a little.
Maybe if we meet in the middle I'll forgive you for making me feel inadequate all the time.
Here's me giving... have a picture of Lucca sunbathing! He's so silly chill'n in the rocks.

And, one more thing (cuz I'm SUCH A GIVER)... THESE KIDS ROCK!
Hanging out with Chris and Ashley last week was quite a treat, I only wish we had been given more time, two days just goes by way too fast. I can't say enough of their hospitality and how generous they were to open their home and just let us come and go as we pleased. Thanks again you two, I hope we didn't impose too much! Thanks for eating copious amounts of mac and cheese and donuts with us... I think I gained a freakish SEVEN POUNDS during my
birthday week. Oops.
Oh well, look how cut they are!
Totally worth it.


Ashley said...

oh no! Sick!!! :(

WE had such a great time!! And thanks for that cute pic, my hubs looks totally hot!

Lauryn said...

I'm sorry you came home feeling sick and frustrated with your blog! Hope you had an amazing birthday! Feel better soon :o)