Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hat head...

In response to being tagged... here is me, right now, as-is:

Unfortunately that's as good as it gets when you have hat-head from sporting a cap all day. Like hell I'm going to look directly at the camera! See, I was wearing my cap all day until only a few moments ago...

I'm so insanely tired right now. The sun came out and showed us another good time today as we hit the range to shoot for a couple of hours and then climbed bluffs and played on the beach before a totally filling dinner complete with MORE CAKE for my birthday. Dear Lord, if I ever see another dessert again I think I *might* be ill... (Never thought I'd EVER say those words!) Anywho, it's time for bed so we can hurry up and head off to Portland in the morning,

I tag (forgive me if you're already been tagged and I didn't know it and I will not be offended if you give me the 'ol screw you and blow off ever doing this):

Ana Poe


sarah marie p said...

Eeeek! That hat is adorable! Love it!

Hope you had an absolutely lovely birthday!

Have fun in Portland!

sohobutterfly said...

Your hat is super-fantabulous. I LOVE IT!

I've already been tagged, so I'm not going to post again, but I love ya for tagging me! :o)

See Sherm Blog said...

Love the hate! When I get skinny.... I'm making a road trip to see you and raid your closet. Mmmmmm kay?

Looking good... never would have guessed that was hat hair.

Lauryn said...

Hat hair is so worth it for that cute thing! I love hats :)

Hope your birthday was absolutely wonderful!