Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Riding the wave.

It's been a whirlwind week already! Sunday I began spewing our excitement over a new venture, a rebirth of an old dream and an openness to complete change in the coming year. What a gift the resulting wave of support has been. The number one question we've received is "when/where are you moving?". We don't know yet, exactly. Stay tuned! It won't be more than 30 minutes from where we are now and it should be by end of February. 

Tomorrow is my day "off" and it's pretty packed to the gills. Starting and ending hump day with potential adoptions, conducting an intake evaluation for a dog coming into rescue and looking in on a house we're watching as well... catch is, it's about 45 minutes away. I must also tackle a few more fruitful tasks, anyone know about business licenses? 

The list of "business development to-do's" is growing rapidly, I need more hours in a day. How does one start a business without being unemployed?! It's amazing the fortitude you must have to push through the time-consuming road blocks, and just mentally capitalize on the small victories (or simply, your sheer will to succeed). Actually, this is allot like marathon training. This should feel easier than 30 hours a week pounding the pavement, right? It's ok, I can see it, the shape of everything... the color and texture and even sound. It's so very real, just waiting to be born and then raised. One. baby. step. at. a. time. 

For now, rest. Zeusybear has warmed my spot. :) 


Carrie said...

Cameron - I am so excited for all of us who will learn and grow with you. I can feel your enthusiasm through the screen. I don't know if I've ever known anyone who can project their love as well as you can. The Thompson Team is fantastic. I am so glad our pups were cousins and from Boz I get to know you. Thanks Guru.

Home2K9 Pack Leader said...

Thank you Carrie! Weeee! ;)