Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello new friends!

Welcome to the Home2K9 blog, a place for occasional musings on training, fostering, and family fun with our ever-evolving canine pack. For those of you who are new, perhaps finding us because of our paralyzed foster Boxer Holly, we would love to direct you to our Facebook page for daily updates on that special girl as well as the rotating crew she pals around with, or to our website for more information about our pet care and training services. Holly is a special young girl, found in Mexico with paralysis, terrible wounds and grossly malnourished. Thanks to the local 4 Patos rescuers, she got a solid head start to healing, and the networking she needed to land here with Northwest Boxer Rescue. NWBR has been providing weekly acupuncture for the past several months, swim therapy was donated or discounted through two local pools the past six weeks, and Holly is thriving. We expect she'll walk, even if on three legs, but she shows every indication of the ability to do so. Holly is slated to relocate to another foster in less than two weeks, there may even be a special adopter our there to continue her journey! Because we run our business in our home, we have maxed out our resources and ability to set work aside, we have to share her with the rescue community and lean on others for her continued care. We'll be sure and pass on any updates or contact info for pages she continues to be featured on, her community spans multiple states, countries, and rescue groups. We are so lucky to be a part of her team and her story.

 Thanks for celebrating Hot Wheels Holly and for becoming a part of our extended "family."

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