Sunday, January 27, 2008

Prepare to be AMAZED!

This is the Ani and Levi show! You've never seen anything like it before! Hold on to your hats people this is going to blow your mind! Do you like magic? Do you like puppets? Do you like plastic utensils? How about Science? Math? Ponies? Wait, what? There's no pony in this show...

There's one young lady and one young man and an amazing set of forks! That's right ladies and gentleman, two plastic forks that dance and sing and multiply! You won't believe your eyes or your food and how different it tastes with these forks! I know you find this hard to imagine, but just look at the evidence presented here and you'll nearly fall off
your seats with amazement! Pretty soon you're going to be asking me, "where can I get some of those?".

OK, so this wasn't the best part of the party we attended for Hans' grandparents yesterday, but it was close. I absolutely love my nieces and nephews there's nothing better that hanging out with them and hearing what they're up to. The party was however for Hans' grandparents and that was really something special to be a part of. Ken and Betty were being honored for their birthdays (Betty 88 and Ken the big 90) as well as their 65th wedding anniversary which is what touched me the most.

Since the day I became engaged I've looked forward to arriving at that place in the future where we will be marking such a milestone as 50 or 65 years of marriage together. I've always known that would be one of the most satisfying experiences of my life and watching people so close and important to our success celebrate that milestone as their own was tremendous. Hans' family has grown so big and includes so many friends that I hardly knew half of those in attendance, but you didn't have to know everyone to know that they were all gathered together because of two of the most loving and giving people you'll ever meet who have experienced such success because of their faith in and kindness towards one another. I still look ever forward to such a celebration in our honor one day, but I am better able to aim so high for having been a part of this family of 65 successful years. Congratulations GG and G-Pop!

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