Monday, January 28, 2008

The white stuff.

Last night we cooked a few fabulous things to carry us through the work week, but my favorite was by far the old school marshmallow-filled chocolate cupcakes. What could be finer? My mother never made this sort of thing for us growing up, but I absolutely love a good bakery treat to munch on during the totally wrong hours of the night. It falls on me to make these horribly unhealthy delicacies for myself now and my husband is not usually very objective. In fact, when I allowed him (he pleaded) to decorate them, I got a glimpse of what it would be like to take treats to elementary school if we had a small child celebrating a birthday.

Anarchy sign... nice.

Regardless of their message, the cupcakes tasted lovely and truly I think my dearest should consider cake decorating as a hobby at least, that would be anarchy in and of itself.

So, on to the days event. SNOW! Lots of glorious snow to Mini around in and enjoy the beauty of and if you're one of my boys, bury your face in and munch! It snowed about two or three inches beginning at 11pm last night and it made for the most magnificent morning. I couldn't get a picture to really do it justice, but the layers to the sky over Sunlight Beach were incredible on my way to work this morning. Look at those mountains! I live here. Most days I'm amazed at how lucky I am.

Lucca hardly wants to be in the house, even at 8:30pm because he's so crazy about the snow. He races around scooping up bites and skipping through the powder as if it will any moment rise up and reveal a monster underneath. That little puppy loves a good snow monster. They say we have more on the way for tonight and I sure hope so because I love it. Never mind that it makes for a nightmare of scheduling conflicts at work (a busy vision clinic with three doctors to juggle) and copious amounts of road rage as I follow "grandma" up the COMPLETELY CLEARED HIGHWAY going 35mph! The schedules get screwed up anyway and I have road rage all the time so, it's really no different except for the fact that you can't see the dog poo in the yard. Love it. Hooray for Marshmallow Cancer-Creme Cupcakes and fluffy-white snow, it's a white wonderland inside and out around here!


csbaron said...

I love this blog-thing, Cam! Every day I get to take a little peek into your life. Those are all great photos. I am so jealous of the snow. At least we have rain? I will take anything that resembles a season other than summer.

Modest Mousketeer said...

Hey D!

Thanks and YES, anything that resembles a season other than Summer is welcome here! (Until of course Summer comes and then I'll like it while it lasts, I think that's a sign of getting old.)