Tuesday, January 29, 2008


How in the hell can it be a good and right thing to take double-stamp Monday and move it to SUNDAY?!?!?!?!? These are the things that really make my blood boil people, I mean COME ON!

I've frequented the same coffee stand for years and they've always had double-stamp day on Monday and it was wonderful because the start of my work week usually looks something like this...

I'm dragging myself to work in a slump barely staying on time after having to round up Lucca from the yard somewhere eating poop. I'm hopeful I've chosen an outfit that's different than the one I wore last Monday so the doctor who only works Monday's doesn't think I have only one outfit to wear. With bags under my eyes and all my pills in a tiny shot glass tucked within my purse for later because I can't seem to stomach them yet, I then head out and think about my delectable breve and how breves should be honored with some sort of Creamy Drink of the Year award and that there's no doubt in my mind they can heal you. So, still thinking about my breve, four miles later I roll up to the coffee stand where I order not just my healing beverage, but my bosses chai tea as well. Purchasing two drinks on double-stamp Monday made me eligible for four punches on my "buy nine get the tenth one free" card, thus propelling me quite quickly towards a free coffee that week and therefore putting me in a safer mood for socializing with all other humans. However, I shall now have to forgo any healing or happiness or safe socializing as a result of double-stamp day's move to the god damn weekend when I could really care less about such bonuses at all. Gawh!

Next thing you know they'll take away the friggin' trivia too so you can't get .25 cents off your drink for showing off your smarts or very clever ability to guess things correctly. I'm waging war on this change and I will eat anarchy cupcakes to keep me strong during my fight. The people of Island County should not stand for this!

Meanwhile, I helped a very smelly customer today with very few teeth and felt quite overwhelmed by the fact that sharing my duties with the new employee takes me a little further out of touch with the general goings on around the office. I need to work on this. My goal has been to take advantage of training her how to do the easily trained tasks that take some time to do, but that would free me up for bigger and better things. I've found however, that I don't like the lack of information and plain old attention to detail that I miss out on when I'm not doing those jobs. I found this out once before, but it's annoying none the less. As I said, I just need to work on the bigger and better things and make sure to be seeking information now... always watching and listening more intentionally than I had to before so that I don't feel so out of the loop. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if I was the owner, nightmare. No wonder my boss, who's totally like me only worse, is so stressed out all the time.

Meanwhile, Rocko is lobbying for double-throw Tuesdays. He has this very clever trick where he annoys you to death by tossing (or in some cases chucking violently) his toy at you in expectation of you throwing it for him to fetch A MILLION TIMES IN A ROW.

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always sunny said...

that IS rediculous! i am sorry that you started your shitty monday that way. i would say "set the stand of fire" but then that creates a whole other level of concern.
good luck.
AND thank you for being concerend about my corneas.i know for sure NO ONE would care about them as much as you would. i will never have another eye-friend as good as you.