Friday, February 1, 2008

We have reason to believe...

Lucca may be a cat. In fact, allow me to rephrase... Lucca is most definitely a cat disguised as a dog and living in my home to torment me for all of the times that I say bad words or talk about eating babies or think of kicking the president in the nuts. Here are a few, just a few, of the reasons his identity has been a bust and that we now affectionately refer to him as "kitty."

1) He prefers to sit in the window sills.

2) He is always heat-seeking.
3) He whines alot, mostly about nothing, but often just for attention.
4) When you pay attention to him... he changes his mind and decides he doesn't know you at all.
5) He attacks your feet when you're trying to sleep.
6) He drools when he's sleeping.
7) Just like a cat, he can spend hours sitting outside watching the grass move, waiting for God knows what to come along.
8) He is terrified of loud noises and especially can't handle being 15 feet from an ironing board. (Ironing boards HATE PUPPIES of course!)
9) He doesn't come when called. Unless, it's for dinner.
10) He HATES, I mean H.A.T.E.S. getting in the car. There has never, not once this entire year, been a time that he ran willingly into the car. You can take him outside and he'll beg you to go for a walk, but as soon as you approach the car because the walk is meant to be taken elsewhere he will dig his heals in and pull the other way like his life depends on it. Never have I known a dog that doesn't want to go for a ride. Plenty of cats hate the car though.

The list goes on. He is clearly feline and we are utterly unsure of how we'll survive it in all the years to come. This pup wants what he wants when he wants it and in no uncertain terms he has shown us that he is superbly fickle and consistently without a conscience. It is only because of his undeniable cuteness and wrinkly soft squishy bits that he has not yet found himself duct taped to a stop sign on highway 20.

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Jay said...

LOL... I can't stop!!!!!