Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Embarrassing photo of me as a kid challenge.

It took me awhile to find the very small stash of pictures from my childhood which have been hanging out in one of our storage chests. When I finally tracked them down I came up with a few that are( for me) embarrassing enough to share for Ashley's photo challenge. Check out the rules and jump in if you've got something. I'll try to share some more of these with you throughout the rest of this week's challenge. I do love prizes! Hey Ashley, does the fact that I was home schooled get me any sympathy points???

Forgive the poor quality, no scanners here... however, nothing can excuse the fem-ullet I had for most of my youth.

What was I wondering??? Maybe I was wondering when my mother would stop cutting my bangs at home and dressing me in giant men's shirts!

So... I showed this one below to my husband and explained how I was made to tuck my shirts in for a certain period of time and how I always hated it, but didn't have a choice. He said "that's F'd up." Ever the supportive husband. I can't get over my stance and the "pooch" I didn't seem to care about. Shit.

Again with the fem-ullet. Evil, evil haircuts by Mom.


Ashley said...

hahah. awwww. So cute. The shirt tucked in photo made me laugh so hard. I used to tuck my shirts into my underwear. haha.

Crazy kids! Thanks for playing! :) These are GREAT. There is a big bang theme going on for sure in everyones.

Katy said...

HAHA! Love it!!!! Definitely a poofy bang theme going on! Your blog is so cute!

Dallas said...

Those are cute. The tucked in shirt one reminds me of DJ in early Full House. Hehe.

Modest Mousketeer said...

I couldn't have said it better myself... I SO looked like DJ in Full House. Dangit.

Deborah said...

Awww, these are adorable. Why do I feel like I have never seen these before?

kristin said...

Just by the way. I did not MAKE you tuck your f..ing shirt in. Why must you blame me for EVERYTHING? ha ha
I love you and I think you were beautiful. And...you still are.