Wednesday, March 12, 2008

All in a days work.

Occasionally I have to spend part of my day buying or helping to buy product for our clinic as we are an optical shop and not only do we care for patients medical needs, but also their vision materials needs as well. Today was one such day where we had one of our reps in for nearly three and a half hours which ended up causing all of his lines to look the same and me to never want to see another frame ever again. This guy carries approximately SIX (or more?) of the lines that we sell and when he comes it's supposed to feel like Santa has arrived, but as we grow and he continues to acquire more companies, I've begun to feel as though he is a watch salesman wearing a trenchcoat and waiting to meet me in the alley to "see the goods" as it were. (Thank God he is always clothed in those daydreams.) I did manage to find some gems in the mix before the glaze came over my eyes and made everything look the same, but I'm afraid to see what I really chose when it all arrives in the next two weeks. Just wait, I'll have seventeen of the same frick'n color and half of them will be terrible sizes. That part of the job is tough and you really have to be trained well to do it, it's not like buying pants! Prior to and during my buying excursion today we had an alarm system being installed and our painter working away in the restroom rendering the lavatory unusable. It was a bit chaotic, but we made it through without any wetting accidents which is amazing considering how close I came to letting loose when they set the alarm off to "test it." I think there are some Kegel exercises in my future.

Here are my entries for the photo contest today:

This first picture is pretty much a current representation of what it's like to wake me in the morning. You don't even have to "wake me"... just being around me when I'm awake before noon will produce this result.

Second, I'm assuming this is from the days when my Mom ran a daycare...? I was always the boss of everyone and even at five or six years old I would have them all lined up like soldiers waiting to use the drinking fountain. (I'm on the far right) check out the early stages of the Fem-ullet. And once again, over-sized clothes.

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