Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day Hosers

I didn't make it to town yesterday because as soon as I hit "publish" on the keyboard and got up from my chair I felt every muscle in my body protest ever moving someone again. I hurt. I also didn't go to town because while I was standing in the hallway complaining about my inner thigh pains I took the above picture and realized my house looked like hell and needed to be addressed immediately. None of the men in the house seemed to see what I saw, but I trudged on with my convictions nonetheless. The benefits to staying home were many, the deer showed up outside out kitchen window after we returned from our walk and we cooked a fabulous meal of fried rice and pot stickers.

I've had a million thoughts in my hormonal head this past few days and perhaps it's best that I didn't get them all down as much of them were pertaining to the failures of everyone around me. Nothing new I suppose. However! There were a few points that were valid and/or worth getting down so as not to forget to address them later if needed. Also, I rearranged our silverware drawer(s) and moved some things which equals change, which equals confusion. Despite it's greater efficiency it is most annoying to be turning in circles in my own kitchen. I will now reliably reach for a hand towel every time I want a spoon to stir my tea in the coming week.

First random comment:

I absolutely love listening to music as loudly as possible while driving as fast as possible. When I do I feel a rush of euphoria come over me much like Christmas Eve makes me feel six years old and eligible for (and likely to win) Santa's Grand Prize Good Child Giveaway. It's a feeling that slightly resembles fear in that I feel like I might hyperventilate or wet myself slightly and there is almost always squealing involved. This same euphoric outburst happens at other times as well and lately I've taken to analyzing why or for how long I can coax it to stay. You see, it's wonderful. It's my favorite way to feel, not the wetting myself part, but everything else that comes along with such intense joy. My husband has this effect on me often... Many days I come home with the start of this manic glee and I bound in to the house skipping and saying things like "I need a meat nack Hoobs!" or "where's my prize, I totally need a prize" which makes him laugh and wonder what planet I'm from. (And to affirm, I did intend to type meat NACK, the phrase is said with a sheepish but pointed tone.) His laughter only encourages me. Other days it's the fact that I have an upcoming event to look forward to or because I just spent a butt-load of money (sick I know). I also experience the "Cam spaz-out" when I've just seen or heard something amazing like a fabulous movie, great music, successful canine rescue reports or the plethora of wild things that inhabit our lovely Island. Whatever it is, I welcome it and hope that it will never go away for good. My worry is that I'll somehow outgrow it, but I think it's truly part of me. My deep down person is indeed a total wacko!

Something else... I read the most amazing story in The Bark on Saturday of a woman reaching out to homeless dogs on L.A.'s Skid Row and I can't stop thinking about her. Her program reaches out to the transient population in that area and provides whatever they can to either keep dogs with their homeless owners by offering spay/neuter clinics or financial support for vet care and apartment fees etc., or to take the dogs and rehabilitate or re-home them when they are sometimes slated for death. The story was lengthy and it covers way more incredible good works and HARD WORK than my summary will every do them justice, but if you get a chance, pop on over to their site and support this group in any way you can. What an incredible woman Lori Weise is, she is leaving a truly remarkable footprint on the earth. Related to the program: Modernica's warehouse is the site of Downtown Dog Rescue's many free clinics and training/shelter care for their rescued dogs, support that company if you're so inclined for being such an advocate for this program!

More things...

We are actively seeking the opportunity to adopt or foster a Pitbull in the future. We are still putting ourselves out there to take our next foster Boxer, but all of my connections lead to males right now and we would like a female.

It's almost my birthday month. Almost everyone in my life has received the memo, just a few more to go. For my birthday I have a lengthy wish list, but much of it involves giving money to great dog activist groups/programs. The occasional selfish shopping spree comes to mind, but it would not give me the lasting pleasure of helping someone in need. Besides, I'm getting a massage on my birthday and that's going to be divine.

I do not advise that anyone commandeer their single computer for as long as I have this evening, your husband will no doubt react like mine and begin flashing lights at you or throwing some sore of twenty-nine-year-old tantrum in the doorway. Not pretty, not pretty at all.

Last note...

We need another computer. This is something we can possibly look forward to purchasing thanks to Mr. Douche's economic stimulus refund which I just heard about yesterday. I don't like him, but I like money. I hope it doesn't back fire... it probably will.


always sunny said...

that was the longest thing i have ever read.
i love you. i am tired now.

Anonymous said...

yay euphoria!!!! I get that a lot, it also often involves scream-singing to loud music in the car while driving rapidamente. And I also get it after movies. It reminds me of the feeling of hanging my ass out of the passenger-side window of the Mazda to avoid contact with a spider(circa '96).