Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yesterday was moving day!

Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law on their cool new digs! It took all day, but they are now living in a great apartment in the heart of the city where he can walk to work and she can spy on people all day. We had a little fun photographing Summer as if she was on a sitcom and not supposed to be preggers, clever illusion those cardboard boxes make! Miss Indy was fighting some kind of sickness, still yet to be determined, which had her running a fever for the fifth day in a row. You wouldn't know it though, her mama gave her a shot of Motrin and she was good to go! Just wait until they whip this place into stylish shape, I hope they enjoy a long time in their new spacious place. Here's just a few pictures of the event, I'm certain Summer will have some other/better ones and now I'm back to "town" to run the errands I couldn't fit in to moving day.

P.S. When I arrived home I got a good laugh over my dishwasher... it's contents were such a dead giveaway of who really inhabits our home. Check out the mass of dog dishes and there are TOYS on the top rack too!


sufferingsummer said...

so cute. Seriously though we could not have done it with out you guys...AGAIN! I really hope we can stay here for a good long while and stop torturing our poor family with move after move each year!...oh and I think your pictures are probably better...I'm hoping to get a post up tomorrow but as we have to head back to the Doc for Indy and for me it may not happen until tuesday.
I'm thinking maybe I should walk around with a box in front of me all the time, I think it suits me.

Ashley said...

Indy is ADORABLE!!! So cute.

Hey, Thanks for your comment! I just wanted to reply by saying that yes, we have been told by our vet and breeder to wait to take Burrito out into public areas until he is 16 weeks old and has had all of his shots. They recommend this specifically for his breed because they are known for having weak immune systems. However, I completely agree with you about taking this time while he is young to socialize him with other dogs and being outside. We have a nice big backyard that he runs around in with Chloe, our other dog. They have been playing together everyday. We have also and will continue to have our friends with their dogs that we know are UTD with their shots over for play dates. Even though I know you are right, and I'm sure he would be fine, I'd rather not take the risk and just have dogs we know are healthy over to play with him. Thanks for your concern tough, and advice! :) It is appreciated!

Cherie said...

Came from Summer's post about the move. Just as she promised you did a good job photographing and reporting on the happy occasion! Thanks for this. Looks like a light, airy, roomy place for them.

So great...