Sunday, March 2, 2008


Dirty Rocko, lounging on my WHITE blanket.

Good morning! Those of you who really know me will know that it's extremely out of place for me to say good morning let alone to say it the way I just did- sincerely and with a little bit of, what shall I call it... cheer? Well, it is a good morning and every morning lately has been better than the last because Spring is arriving and my 6:30am walks have been doable and I'm stretching and growing (slowly) in the midst of my endeavor to do everything I want to do all at the same time.

The boys are pretty good although the decision has been made to put Jack down next week, he's just too far gone. The poor guy isn't eating and his physical condition is continuing to deteriorate when it should have shown much more improvement by now. His age and declining health along with the social skill "issues" have made a clear decision for everyone else, it just took me a good number of hours more to grasp that I could in fact go through with it. We have given him a different life for a time and shown him love and comfort where he may not have ever known it before so, I'm satisfied knowing he will have no reason to feel fear when that final day comes. He likes us, he has enjoyed having Lucca for a buddy and time in our laps and he is calm now. That is an achievement in and of itself I suppose.

Yesterday was the day our new renter moved in and she emailed us that evening to say how much she already loved it in our house. How I do hope this will work out for the best. There was some errand running and chores to accomplish as well, damn weed whacker doesn't work right now and there isn't a place to have it serviced on the south end of the Island. After pleading with the only hardware store still servicing small equipment and being wholeheartedly declined, we were resigned to bring it's leaky butt back home to continue hanging out in the garage and allowing the tufts of grass to further take over our hillside and around our various septic lids. I hate it when the grass is overgrown. Hate it. I also hate it when I have rented a shitty movie. OMG, Junebug arrived from Netflix and it sat here for like three days wasting valuable time which we didn't realize until we actually started watching it yesterday afternoon. WORST MOVE I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME. With the exception of occasionally hysterical performances by Amy Adams, I wanted to gouge my eyes out from the boredom and confusion and irritation and then I wanted to gouge out Phil Morrison's eyes for wasting my time and making me so confused and bored. Uck.

I managed to recovery from my dismal state very quickly though when my Aunt called and invited us to a lovely dinner out, on her, as a thank you for supporting her through her move last year. What a treat! We had such a wonderful time and you'll love this, after dinner we were coaxed into briefly attending the karaoke night at the Freeland Cafe (foreigners, this is a staple dive on Whidbey Island that has seriously staunch supporters who have leather skin and half their teeth, but it turns out there are also people like my Aunt who love it and everyone was super nice and didn't point and laugh at us when we waltzed in, EXTREMELY OUT OF PLACE and sporting all of our teeth). No singing by the Thompsen tribe as we know better than to do something silly like that (translation: we are too uptight) but we thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone else (well, almost everyone else). Hey guy, yeah you... the one that sang Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana... you totally sucked.

So dogs, clarity, errands, tenant, crap movie that I'll get over, yummy dinner and too many cocktails, karaoke and a cozy bed. A good day. Top that off with a photo shoot of my pride and joy... I can't tell you how hard it has been to get a picture of all three of them looking natural, but here it is!

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