Monday, March 31, 2008

What do I want?

My hubby says he would like me to procure a birthday wish list and I figure it's best to rattle it off before my birthday month begins. The list is in no particular order of importance and is a no holds bard, dream big kind of list with some actually attainable things thrown in for good measure. I still haven't firmed up plans for my birthday, but they can't be too extravagant because I went overboard (financially) for my sweetie's special day in January and we just can't do that again right now. As luck would have it, my day of birthiversary lands on a SATURDAY though (April 12th) which makes a day of fun all the more enjoyable to plan. So let the wishing begin... I would like:

-A lovely little hand mirror like this.
-Someone to clean my entire house, especially along the baseboards and those high windows over the tub too.
-A clothing shopping spree, that NEVER leaves the list.
-Stuff for the house... too many house wishes to list! Cabinets, shelves, closet organizers... this is really a dream request. Pretty much an Ikea shopping spree would be great also.
-Plants to be potted in my empty and weathered pots. How delightful it would be to find color and life along my front porch!
-The weed-whacker to be fixed and the tallish grass along the sides of everything to be cut down to yard perfection. This is an important request because I have actually (psychotically) gone out and cut many of these edges by hand it bothered me so much. With kitchen scissors mind you.
-Several loads of gravel to be delivered to my property and distributed along the top of the driveway where I park and there is constant standing water.
-An organized garage. The garage has not recovered from the move and needs shelving very badly... I would love garage shelving for my birthday.
-I will want a really amazing breve'.
-A ham and cheese croissant, OMG my favorite and I can never get them here!
-Decadent dessert. I really have my heart set on Chocolate mousse, my Grandmother makes the best...
-Dog books: Howl, Dog Is My Copilot, Shelter Dogs, etc. I had a few others I was wanted for awhile and now I can't remember them. I can't remember them because I'm getting old.
-Ginormous donations to be made to rescue organizations in celebration of my birthiversary.
-Time with friends and lots of laughter, a whole day full of laughter (except during the massage, there will be a massage and I can't laugh during that).
-Shoes, fancy ones.
-Hair clips, teas, mixing bowls, a 9''x13'' baking pan (I'VE NEVER HAD ONE) and A NEW COUCH! I'd even settle for this one! Who wouldn't want a fainting sofa??? Ok, this is slightly more practical.

Alright, that's enough selfishness for one evening. How about I add to it as things come up? Who else is having an April birthday and expecting me to share my month? You better have a damn good reason!

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Ashley said...

It is not my birthday, but that is a great list. I want someone to come clean my house!