Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Month is kicking my butt...

I am still celebrating. I had a truly tremendous birthday and I'm very grateful to all those lovely people who shared in the celebration with me. There were presents galore, great food, better drinks and the most amazing weather we've had in a LONG TIME. I'd be happier right now if I wasn't having so many malfunctions in the photo uploading department, but alas, I'll have to wait to show you any details of the goodies I received and the splendor that was Saturday April 12th. I now find myself moving on to more reasonable duties, setting my Royal Birthday Scepter and Royal Birthday Crown on their fluffy velvet pillow until next year. That is to say, I'm setting them down where they will be safe until I feel the need to be Queenly again. At any moment.

I have to-do lists and appointments and WORK... I also have an insatiable need to buy a new journal so as to better document my dreams. I've had some rough bouts with lingering nightmares in the past, actually a stretch of nasties not that long ago, but when my dreams are good I always find it hard to recall them later on if they're not written down or discussed right away. Last night I dreamt that my boss and I and an acquaintance of ours (who also happens to be somewhat scandalously engaged to the recent widow of a prominent community figure) decided to take a boat trip to a South American destination. From the conscious perspective I now have it's laughable enough that the three of us were on a trip together at all and it's clear that the conversation I had with a friend yesterday about renting a yacht had something to do with my dream theme. Add to that my cocky unconscious landing us on some island where a native boy was totally infatuated with me and proceeded to display his affection for me like a sixth grader by punching me in the face and there you have a pretty fantastic escape from reality. The bulk of the dream was spent seriously concerned about the possibility of cellulitis from the excessive edema around my eye due to the GIANT SHINER that manifested itself post blow. At some point in the stream, my boss suggested that we go shopping for some retail therapy, but that was only making me feel worse because people were starring at me and wondering which authorities to call regarding my obvious abuse (or excessive alcoholism). I literally woke up holding my face and believing I would have no reason to wear makeup today as the discoloration was just going to be too severe.

I have yet to ask my husband what I might have muttered to him this morning when he woke me up to say goodbye. We should really make a little game out of his morning send off, he wakes me and I either attack him viciously or very slightly come out of a dream believing I have eight legs or that I'm just about to parachute out of a plane. Mornings are so rough for all of us thanks to me. Point being, I need the dream journal. I need to document the good stuff and and the weird stuff to keep more of that in mind so as to combat the bastard nightmares that threaten my beauty sleep. And I should consider drugs that help you wake up like a nice person. Are there such things?

Side note: One of the awesome gifts I received for my birthday is coming to me in two weeks. I wanted to get back in to shooting hand guns (yep, you heard right) so, my sweetie pie scheduled us for an hour and a half shooting lesson on a Sunday morning here on the Island. What better way to worship? I kid. But not about loving to shoot, I actually really enjoyed the taste I got several years ago and I'm super excited to revisit the hobby especially as a couple. I'll let you know how it goes and maybe get some pictures of the targets after we totally miss them with the majority of our bullets. Speaking of shooting and bullets, remind me to tell you about meeting one of our neighbors, he has different uses for his guns... Lets just say he claims there was a feral cat problem and now there is not, thanks to him. Ugh.

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