Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's all about the baby though...

I had plans to head back to the hospital yesterday, but needed to get the pups out for some exercise beforehand so, Hans and I split them up and I headed for the dog park with Lucca. Poor Lucca was not met with the usual welcome and subsequent half-hour game of chase that he typically arrives to instead, the park was occupied by ASSHOLES. There's a couple with a Shepherd mix who have been going since they got their now one-year-old dog and I didn't know this, but he's apparently become more and more aggressive towards other dogs at the park lately. This is not uncommon at that age, dogs are becoming "teenagers" and they start trying out all kinds of methods of dominance and such which turns in to a nightmare if you aren't prepared for it and don't deal with it properly. Their way of dealing with it... put the leash on him and grip it like there's no tomorrow. As another dog enters and then approaches their dog, they pull back/lift their dog off the ground practically creating more tension and anxiety than a "whore in church," as my boss would say.

This was in fact the same method they used as Lucca ran that way and obviously their dog attacked Lucca and made a huge scene and I'm all the while yelling out across the field to them to take the bloody leash off and put the dog in it's place. Well, given that they were assholes and clueless they argued with me and freaked my dog out and all I could think of was "well then, how's THAT WORKING FOR YOU?!?!?!" I would have attempted to stay, but I was promptly met with disdain from the other woman present with her Golden Retriever who has never been on my good side, but who really gets a pin reserved in my Voo Doo doll now. As Lucca ran back towards me he passed by her and she started shaming him and saying to him "don't you start that here, don't you dare bring that over here." What a freak, I couldn't hold it in... This was my reply, "EXCUSE ME???? He DID NOT start THAT, he had NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT!" (pointing to aggressive shepherd STILL ON LEASH because owners know what he's capable of). My poor little boy who loves everyone and just wants to play. My final statement to those losers was something about how we'd just leave them all and go on the wooded trails then since this is how we're being treated... I'm very likely never going back, I am that mad.

When I finally made it to my lovely little niece again yesterday and it was so hard to pry myself from the room even after some five hours visiting... She's perfect. So lovely and so very good.
Little Sabine is a champion nurser and has made only the littlest squeaks while the neighbor babies on her floor are expanding their lungs in protest quite regularly. All of her parts are accounted for and all of them seem to work marvelously. For the record, I changed a diaper. It's been a long time and I'm not planning on inflicting that kind of regular duty on myself EVER AGAIN, but I'll do anything for these little girls. The afternoon brought about a little more snowfall which was so magical looking while it lasted. I'm back to the usual routine today of cleaning, grocery shopping and canine adventure taking. There's also a birthday party for my Aunt later today that we (fortunately) do not have to leave the Island for. May you all have a delightful Sunday and be happier with your dog parks than I am. Luckily my boys quickly forget how evil some people can be.

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Colleen Sherman said...

Oh man... don't get me started on a-holes and clueless idiots at the dog park!!! I have on a few occasions voiced my opinion to some owners. I get especially mad when somebody blames my dog for something that he didn't start. In particular there was a lab/pit mix that ALWAYS got in fights at the park and the owner would treat it as if it was the other dog's fault. Rocco, being a bully breed as well, doesn't back down when pushed around... and Rocco and this dog would always scuffle. However this lab/pit would get into 3-4 fights EVERY TIME it was there before the owner would take it out... so it wasn't just Rocco. But what irritated me was that the owner would always say, "Uh oh... here comes trouble" when we walked into the park. I generally ignored it, but I was VERY tempted to say back "Uh if you haven't noticed Rocco only fights your dog... and YOUR DOG fights EVERY DOG. Notice the problem?" But I never did. Luckily we moved.