Monday, April 21, 2008

Bathing and toiletries.

Calming pre-bath anxieties.

Worked hard today and I'm pretty spent. Hubby's still sick, he missed all the fun this weekend (with the new niece and the snow...) due to a nasty cold. Poor guy then sank further into mucoid hell today while staying home from work so as not to share the nasty amoebas with his work family. I don't want them either, I'm praying to the Goddess "Immuna" that I be spared and able to continue feeling my normal level of exhausted, achy and unable to breath that I usually do. It would help if I stopped inhaling sweets, I think then my odds of staving off the sickness would improve. Here's a little cheering up for my sweetie... remember his Easter basket goodies that I was too tired to tell you about?

Well, we've finally gotten around to using the toilet paper and I have to say it was the best "way too much money for just a joke" present I've purchased in a long time. I think we both laugh every time we walk in there and the best part is, it's really rough and scratchy and horrible for blowing your nose... it's not even good enough to blow your nose in!!! I may need to go order the Hillary TP for Father's day and give it to him from "the boys." (Honey, you did NOT hear that.)

Here's some picks of Lucca having that bath I mentioned, he hates baths. I'm having a terrible time keeping his eye free of stains lately, but at least we got rid of the mud from Saturday's park debacle. Lucca had gone around a corner and out of sight on the trails there and when he returned he was totally covered in mud. The markings on his head no longer looked divided, just one big dark blob across his forehead. Whatever he did to coat himself in lava water, I'm sure it was fun, but I didn't want it in my bed anymore.

Considering payback...

Planning revenge...

Wishing for a heater.

Now Lucca has his white spots back and he can cuddle up for the night with his sick daddy.


Colleen Sherman said...

OMG. Those back pics are just the cutes pics ever!! Rocco hates his bath too. Every time I turn on the bath water he goes running and hides under the bed. And because he really does not like it... and resists so much, I usually have to strip down and hop in with him to avoid getting my clothes wet.

Funny thing... I am renting a fish eye this week and was thinking it would be fun to get some bath pics. So you may see some of Rocco soon. :-)

Colleen Sherman said...

oops... I meant "BATH pics"... not "BACK pics."

And I meant "cutest pics ever" not "cutes pics ever."

I need to proof read BEFORE I submit my comment.

Ashley said...

haha. that TP is AWWWWEEEEEEESSSOOOMMMMEMEMEMEMEMEMEM. I need some of that. And those bath photos are adorable. The 2nd one is my fav! Look at those eyes!