Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Wow, mouth is still a war zone, but more like an ant colony trying to carry away a cricket instead of oh... say... Hiroshima. Today was busy and therefore passed rather quickly. My sweetie was out later than usual tonight being a Professional Beer Tester for his upcoming company picnic and while he enjoyed the winning pick, "Hoppy Redhead Amber," I baked pies. Two, Sour Cream Apple Pies which are currently calling to me in all their coolenoughtoeat goodness. I read about the recipe on this talented artist's site and have been craving it since. Seriously, go check out Emily's Etsy shop too, it's full of lovely little goodies and I'm sure there's at least one person who reads my blog that could help hook her up with a house for rent in Portland... anyone?

Lucca was a big help while getting the cabinets built/installed yesterday... about as much help as I was. Me helping = NONE. Lucca helping = a tiny bit because of his cuteness.

Here's the completed cabinets, they're finally up and fully functional. Alright, not FULLY functional because I'm looking for a couple of baskets or containers that will allow me to put the random things like pastas and stuff, in something that makes them look tidier. You can't see through the "glass" as well in person as you can in the photos, but it will still be much nicer to have more symmetry behind there for those of us who are TOTALLY TYPE A+. I also have to actually finish deciding what will live in there, the kitchen is still slightly in a state of confusion. It's close to perfect and we now have our eye on a bar table from Crate and Barrel that just may come home to live with us soon. My family will be here for the Summer from Mexico in just one week and honestly the nesting is on overdrive. I'm looking forward to seeing them immensely and to finally showing them our new place (of the past six months!). It's dangerous though, thinking you have to do this or buy that in order for the place to be ready or PERFECT. I fight that all the time. It certainly helps that our house is only 800sqft when you're trying to put it all together... there really, truly isn't much you can do!


Raven said...

I have the "want it to be perfect" feeling all the time. We have been in our place a year now and I have several things unfinished. It bugs!

That cabinet is cool!

Scott and Lorie said...

omigosh, I hate that urge to absolutely have your home finished/perfect in time for people to come over. such pressure! but the cabinet looks awesome!

and how is that sour cream and apple pie? I've never had it before but was intrigued when emily/black apple made a week or so ago.

ooooh and I just got my first black apple product in the mail yesterday! yahoo!! I'm gonna blog about it this week, cause I'm SO excited about it!

Anonymous said...

Ohh you are a fan of Emily too? She is soo cool.

Those cabinets look great. We just found out we are having house guests for 24 hours in August and have already begun the " what do we need to do before they arrive" dance. Crazy!