Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lock stock and SEVERAL smoking barrels.

A long time ago I took a safety/certification class for half a day at a shooting range in the city and while I enjoyed it immensely, and left wanting to own a baby Glock, we moved to the Island not long after and getting back there was deemed nearly impossible. I forgot about my interest in shooting until recently when I found out that one of my patients has been involved in the sport for a million years and regularly teaches private lessons. Armed (get it, OMG I'm a dork) with my new found connection, a shooting lesson was added to the birthday wish list (OK, I pretty much demanded that I receive this gift) so, my sweetie set up a date for this morning where both of us were to be reintroduced to hand guns. Above is my best target which I just may decided to frame. I had become a little competitive and it improved my game after the first two targets were spent testing out a couple of revolvers and doing pretty well, but not as good as when I started trying out a bigger piece which I've already forgotten the name of. Hans did smashingly, but I won. You know what I mean, I won because it was my birthday present and I was really good, but also just cuz I won.

Pretty cool, huh? Not bad for your first time in a zillion years when you weren't even that good or practiced a zillion years ago. It was freezing down there because you're completely in the shade and I should have warn long underwear and a parka to be truly effective. Seriously, if I was even five degrees warmer I probably would have been so much better! I'm going to plan accordingly next time. In a perfect world... we'd be doing this every month and calling it "date Sunday." Oh, and one more thing... see those turkey's in the distance? I KICKED ASS at shooting those. My first try wasn't great, I think I only shot one down with five rounds of ammunition, but the second try I hit four out of another five rounds. Look out fowl metal, I'm your worst nightmare!

Yesterday was fun too, here's a few pics from our adventure. I think I mentioned late last night that I wanted to go on a hike, but it didn't happen. We still had a great day and here's a little proof. First, woke up slowly...

Then, hopped in the car and headed out for good times. This is Lucca on my lap and if I could only capture half of the adorable factor involved in this view when he's watching the road like this and his soft little ears are flopped back like that... OMG. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Ummm, ME BEING WEIRD because hey, I'm already not wearing make up so what's a funny face going to change?

There was a bunch of wandering around and shopping, no attempts at photography that stuff though. Just us having a date and enjoying some freedom which resulted in amazing Thai food for lunch and some fabulous groceries for the days to come. Stayed up late when we finally got home so Sunday morning looked allot like the morning before...

This is a VERY COMMON landscape in the morning after I slide out of bed and into the shower. The boys don't get up until I force them by announcing breakfast and even then, Lucca will sort of consider it awhile before committing to surfacing from the deep recesses of our cozy covers. They are obviously MY BOYS when you study their morning behaviors.

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Ashley said...

ok. You are seriously bad ass now.