Monday, June 23, 2008

Day two without my spousal unit was just dandy, I didn't have time to miss him so the time just flew by. I so wish I had pictures from our walk down at the beach yesterday, but I didn't know we would be going which meant I was ill prepared. The tide was out for miles and it was a classic Summer day while My Aunt Kim, Jacque and I sent the dogs in and out of tide flats chasing after sticks and balls. Lucca actually stayed home during this and other outings because he was really sick again and I felt sorry for him to be missing out. After some female bonding over my remaining bubbly (Mimosas yo) and our beach walk, it was then time to drop the littlest sis off to camp for the week. I think she had the largest or perhaps ONLY entourage taking up the check-in line as most of the kids were only accompanied by one parent and maybe a tag-along younger sibling. Our send off crew consisted of myself, our two other sisters, Mom and Aunt Kim. My baby sister is so cute, I hope she's able to sleep while she's away from home and I'm glad she wasn't embarrassed by her family... what a softy that one is. The out of the house activities were caped off with a late lunch at a quaint little dinner and some shopping at the only good store on the Island, The Cottage, which yielded two of the softest three-quarter-length sleeved shirts I've ever owned.

That is the beginnings of the collage/inspiration board that was started over the weekend with Jacque, I'm going to have a ton more collecting to do before it can come to completion, but it's a nice thing to have out for working on when I feel the urge to hough rubber cement. Like a giant puzzle during Winter break, it's satisfying to add a piece or two each evening.

Little sicky thinks he can convince his Mama that he'd surely be able to stomach a Cheeto or two, no problem! He says, "just disregard the fact that I've thrown up EVERYTHING I've eaten today and trust me on this one." He did not receive any.

In other news, Rocko is taking up balancing. I'm forcing the poor obsessive-compulsive control freak to do the very thing that is most challenging for him to do in order to make him a more well-rounded individual and so that I can take cool pictures of him with stuff on his head. This dog is a strange one, but I think we just might have finally found his niche. Might. Maybe.


Steph Corwin said...

haha I totally started trying that with our hyper dog.. so far she can balance a treat for 2 WHOLE seconds. lol Watch out dooce you might have some competition

Jackie-O said...

Okay see? Wonder woman totally adds rad-pizazz to the board..ha ha rad-pizazz Is that word? Well, It Is now! Ha ha.. Hey I wanna be apart of the collaging- I'm coming over so I can use that funny smelling glue! ( actually I like the smell )- {That may be dangerous}