Wednesday, June 18, 2008

For Lucca.

New toy that comes without stuffing = $10.00

Bag of frozen chicken medallions that keep the puking to a minimum = $15.00

Gallon jug of vinegar for washing concrete floors after inevitable puking = $3.00

Ear cleaner to remove stench of God Knows What = $9.00

Box of fancy biscuits for human need to reward good behavior with food
that induces puking = $36.00

Endless hours of pleasure in the sun with his brothers only to curl up under my "wing" at night = Priceless.


Sweetest Petula said...

when are you guys going out of town? I need to dog sit. Seriously. It would be like a dreamy vacation for me. Keep me posted.

Raven said...

I am over puking. FOR REAL.

Daureen said...

Puking aside, the dogs photograph beautifully!

always sunny said...

what's in that pot?! rosemary?

Anonymous said...

too much puking go on. The dogs look like they are having fun in the pic though.

Sidney Ann said...

Puking is underrated.

J-dizzle said...

Fo Shizz.. puking needs to take a holiday!

always sunny said...

awesome. we just recently did an herb pot on the porch as well. i dug up all the medicinal marijuana that my neighbors planted and got some great soil. lanna has the munchies all the time and i just can't figure that out.