Friday, June 20, 2008

Just me and the boys...

My darling husband is going away for an over night stay at Fort Warden where his enormous and far too happy family (all two billion of them) will be staying for a family reunion of sorts. The whole event lasts four days actually and would have cost us a fortune to attend together so, I opted out and will hold down this fort while he bounds around the other quelling rumors of divorce. The man of the house will be gone on an early ferry tomorrow and back on a late one Sunday night spending money on lodging, BBQ and a glorious man-type breakfast spread. I worked hard to accomplish the cleaning side-job this evening after putting in a full day at the office so, I don't have any responsibilities while Hans is away, only the boys and I on a sunny weekend with the world as our oyster. I have made sure to stock up on nourishments of my own and will be surviving on a family size bag of Cheetos, a pint of Hagen Daaz Mocha Chip ice cream, the remaining loaf of Cinnamon Swirl Toast, a box of strawberries and Prosecco (haven't picked up the bubbly yet, but I will!). Things are looking good as long as I don't have a freak out Saturday night and think I'm being stocked outside the bedroom window... it would be really lame to call for my Mommy after all these years. I think I'll have a sister stay the night.


J-dizzle said...

Well thanks for endangering me.
wow.. I feel loved.

May I add an item to the food list?

<3 u

Raven said...

Love the food list!

lorieloo said...

yahoo for a girl weekend. although if you're anything like me you'll be itching for him to come home by Sunday=)

Enjoy a sunny afternoon for me, since where I'm at, a sunny afternoon means cranky the air down to combat the 100 degree weather outside. ugh.

oh and did I miss something? Why is Lucca puking???