Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I love this man...

Snuck up on him and took a little video that I WILL figure out how to edit so as to SHOCKINGLY post it for the whole internet to see. Take that lover! YeR HoT.

And these little men too!

I think that last one may end up being a certain submission for a certain photo challenge.... hhmmmm.

Hey guess what! No kid calls or drop-ins today... is there hope for a less stalkerish future??? I'm really counting on it because if not, I'll become a murderer and go to jail and my husband will be devastated and not know how to take care of our boys and it will be just plain ugly people, UGLY! No, seriously. They came back again on Saturday, on their bikes. And remember that one day... Sunday... when I told you how totally at my whits end I was? Well, they called that day and somehow thought I was in the mood for them again and I WAS NOT. I said some more things about how they were actually really bothering us now and needed to stop calling and coming over CONSTANTLY. I received an "OK," but it was the same kind of OK I've received before. I have the day off tomorrow to hang with my "back in the States" family and my sort of here and sort of not routine will be more of a proper test for the kids. Also, it's dumping buckets of rain and I suppose some people prefer to stay indoors when that's the case which could be helping in this instance as well. Maybe. I cannot have kids. Nope.

*Blink* *Blink*


Raven said...

You have wonderfully adorable boys!

I tell the hubs that he is never having kids all the time. Fortunately he came into my life when the sprog was well past the annoying child age. The hubs seems to deal with the bothersome teenager much better than the youngins. :)

Sidney Ann said...

Ohmygosh that's crazy - I do remember you! Barely though, how did you find out about me in the first place? Was it through that store in Langley? I'm glad you still like it, I would love to know which one you ended up with.

About my S.P. entry... A few weeks ago I had a trunk show in her store and my parents stopped by and the first thing my dad says is, "wiring's not up to code". And I'm like, "but dad, look at all this great merchandise! Check out my new bags, doesn't this soap smell good?" And he is still transfixed on the ceiling. He's a little different for sure.


Sweetest Petula said...

Your husband is very tolerant of your blogging. What a nice fella.