Sunday, June 1, 2008

No plans. And who says we need a dining table?

What could go wrong when you have a weekend without plans? Just about everything can go wrong, but only a few things did. I began my weekend getting all beautified which later turned out to be a mistake because the weather was not sunny and nice, as I had heard it would be, but instead cold, windy and generally unkind to styled hair and Summer dresses. Walking the beach with Miles and Lucca, my friend Annmarie and her two dogs...

... was fun until Lucca found a dead and rotten seal to roll in. I had bathed him two days prior and it was hard to feel bad for him having to go through that again when we had to drive home with the windows down trying to survive the stench.

My boys do feel at home in the sand and it's always a pleasure to watch them enjoy it so much. That last picture would have been a great submission for this week's challenge, they are such good "friends"...

Due to the significant odor coming from my youngest, I was pretty distracted when I arrived home from our walk, but I did notice that the mowing operation was for some reason "suspended." You see, our mower and (borrowed) weed whacker have both broken down and around here you can't go more than one week without starting to feel as though you live in a jungle because of how fast the grass grows. Since we weren't going to get our mower back from the repairman for another week, I hired a company to come out and take care of the yard maintenance for this one time so we could actually find the dog doo and such before stepping in it. Well, they sent out some youngerish guy and clearly failed to tell him that under no circumstances should he attempt to mow the hill with anything other than the push mower so he went all stupid and drove the riding mower over the hill and subsequently rolled it. With the neighbor watching. Mortified.

The kid was fine, but there was smoke and the mower wouldn't run and the worst of it was that the mower was then stuck, at the bottom of the hill, with no way to remove it from the FULLY FENCED yard. Unless, you cut a section out of the fence to save his ass. Yes, it was awesome, just my favorite thing ever and I wasn't at all mad that he was there for nearly five hours working on a job that should have taken NO MORE THAN THREE (even that is being generous) only to leave the job incomplete and with a hole in my fence.

Later I felt bad for him, but until he left I was ticked. The frustration I was cooking was not just mower dudes fault it was further heated by the kid from across the street. OMG, I can't stand that kid right now. They are stalking us, he and his sister are STALKERS. The kids are totally obsessed with being here so they call us all the time and watch for us to come home. Ugh. It took us forever to get rid of that little squirt for good yesterday and it wasn't even after I said, "Darion, NOW! Go home, we are leaving to run errands and the worker you've been following around all day is leaving too. You need to learn to listen if you want to come over here because it's important to me. I don't have kids and I DON'T HAVE PATIENCE." Nope, it wasn't even after cranky neighbor Cameron said those horribly straightforward things that he left us for good, he still called an hour later to see if the dogs could play and then CAME OVER twenty minutes after I said "NO!" to ask Hans in person. Holy Lord, where are his parents when all of this is going on??? I'm going to be forced to talk with them directly if this continues another week because I've had it.

Here's Mister Fixit patching up the fence.

Brie and toast was of some consolation once things had settled down yesterday and it continued to do the trick again today. This is my newest addiction.

Did some baking this morning, things to share with my family when they get here in two days. This recipe for Gingerbread Cupcakes and Cream Cheese Frosting has been in my recipe box/stack for a million years and it's SO TASTY! I'm planning on attacking a beef and barley soup recipe this afternoon to share with them as well. I really should get going to the store.

Hope all of your weekends were lovely and without pesky people or things to take away from rest and relaxation. I'm just waiting now for more Tacoroonie reports, hurry up ladies!


Raven said...

Mmmm those cupcakes look TASTY!

Sidney Ann said...

I just stumbled upon your blog via Sweet Petula. You're a fantastic writer! The best part of that entire post was the "Alpha Bitch" sticker. Yesssssss.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog from Sweet Petulia. Love it! I don't understand why kids do stuff like that. Our neighbor's kids are always knocking on our dog wanting to know if they can hang out with us or play with our dog. Funny thing is, they have a dog of their own at home!

Colleen Sherman said...

Ok.. that is a hilarious story. Don't you just wish you were there to witness the rolling down the hill. That's what he gets though... even though I do feel slightly bad for him (and your fence).

Oh... and the annoying kids. I would have no patience either. I would definitely be talking to his parents. "LOOK! I don't have kids. And I don't want to have yours. So keep him on your side of the street. Mmm-kay?" Ok maybe that was a bit harsh... bit a stalker kid would be annoying.

And on a side note... I just got some cute cupcake stuff and I'm so excited to make some soon. And your post just inspired me to actually do it. The recipe book I was given has all sorts of creative and gourmet stuff in there. Yummers.

lorieloo said...

at least your neighbor kids are nice. Mine stare at your from the middle of the street as you try to drive past them, BUT CAN'T BECAUSE THEY'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET AND THEY'RE FAT I-WISH-I-ACTUALLY-KNEW-HOW-TO-SKATE BUTTS WON'T MOVE.

ugh. wow. I get worked up over obnoxious neighbor kids. if I was a teenager still I so could do some damage with a carton of eggs and some TP.