Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday with family.

My Mom is still rockin it, even more now that she's 51. I can't believe that my "baby" sisters are getting so big. They're eleven, twelve and fourteen years younger than me and they're all seeming like such grown up young ladies this year. It's astounding how quickly the time has passed on account of their absence these past two years. Talia, the middle of the three, has Down's and she's taking on the world at her own pace, but today we laughed so hard and I was extremely grateful for her being just who she is. All three girls are customarily... camera whores. Such shameless posers, but over the course of the weekend I managed to get a few shots of the unsuspecting sort. After this one of course,

My Mom (so pretty!) with Mary (the youngest) and Jacqueline (the oldest of the three),

Sleeping Sabine, all fresh and clean!

How weird is it that Jacque, Talia and Mary are Aunties to these little lovelies? It blows my mind.

I made chicken salad out of the communal ingredients. IT WAS AWESOME. The smell of Banana Bread when we walked in the door though... divine! Thanks Summer~

Tomorrow I'll catch you up on today (Sunday)... we had a lovely walk with the pups at Greenbank Farm and eventually made our way back to town for a Father's Day dinner which has rendered me tipsy and in a food coma of sorts. It was yummy and great fun and definitely did not disappoint. I have a long week ahead after having taken a few days off, wish me luck and send me uppers, I'll need 'em!

Oh, yeah. And, I'm giving up cream for a month. Longer story than I care to tell tonight, but necessary for now. I'm totally addicted and my body hates me for it. I have to take a hyatus from that toxic, but oh-so-delicious and creamy goodness so, I'll be laying off the coffee as a result. Cuz, what's coffee without loads of cream?!?!?! Are you packing up those uppers yet???


Raven said...

Oh no! Giving up is never a good sign.

Cute pictures! It looks like a lovely way to spend a Saturday :)

sufferingsummer said...

fabulous! I love the light...can't wait to see what you got from yesterday.
I linked you:)
see you later alligator...
oh and secretly I'm happy you are giving up cream, you know so I don't feel so bad when you come over and we once again have none...

always sunny said...

your mom grew her hair out! it looks hot. i love it! i cant wait to see th rest of the visit. tell them all HI for us.

Sweetest Petula said...

Your mom is so gorgeous. Like in a natural-y model-esqe way.

& no cream for 1 month? Yikes. Is that one month from today, or just the month of June?