Monday, June 9, 2008

An evening at home.

I'm begging for a back rub again and again as Hans wanders in and out of the room. I'm completely focused on the internet's ramblings and catching up on people's weekend news. Hans finally joins me and we sit on the couch together with Miles butting in for a back rub himself. As Hans dotes on Miles I protest...

Me: Hey! Miles, get lost you're stealing my thunder. I'm the one who's supposed to be receiving the back rub!

H: *Laughing* Yes, but he's paying attention to me... see???

M: Looks completely happy and innocent.

Me: I just figured you could rub my back while I pay attention to the internet.

H: That's not how it works.

Me: But honey, I have to read the internet because if I didn't- I wouldn't have just learned about "tea-bagging."

H: I wish you hadn't been homeschooled.

M: Looks completely happy and innocent.

Me: Receiving sympathetic back rub as originally desired.


Raven said...


The sprog is TOTALLY going to love this!

Whenever he drags his stinky boyness from bed, I'll be sure to tell him. :)

Deborah said...

Haha! I just learned too! I was only homeschooled one year, but I am so naive you would think I was throughout my entire childhood. I am still learning amazingly disgusting things from Chris, that he acts like I should have learned in middle school.

always sunny said...

thats like my favorite phrase ever, i cannot believe you just heard that. i really wish i could take all of the home school out of you and fill you with dirrrty.

always sunny said...

so, i think it was my first year at the uw. travis and i were behind the counter and this guy walks up with his thick accent and just says "tea-bag" travis says "excuse me?" thinking he was CALLING him a "t-bag" and the guy says "TEA BAG! i need a TEA BAG!" we were laughing so freaking hard we could not breathe and this poor guy who could barely speak english storms off totally confused. always a good memory for us.