Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sometimes I lose patience with people being so unkempt. I'm a tidy person in general and can't stand grit and grime in my home or car or work environment, but my physical person is of particular importance when it comes to cleanliness. It's hard to understand having black and green goo slathered all over the nose pads on your glasses and not caring or even NOTICING at all when they're SITTING ON YOUR FACE. Ick. I had one today... guy comes in (super nice and quite put together otherwise), but he says he has recently taken a pretty big fall from a ladder and his glasses were scratched as a result. After removing his glasses he points to the left lens and shows me where the damage occurred and wonders whether or not the "scratches" can be "buffed our or something." I explain that buffing is not an option as it distorts the prescription, but that I would love to take the glasses back in the lab to see what I can do with my magic pixie dust (a.k.a. SOAP AND WATER) first. Sure enough, those "scratches" are actually a big old smear of schmootz- probably pitch or something that came right off with hot water and soap and while I was at it I went after the early growths on his nose pads for good measure. Man, this guy thought he had ruined his glasses and wasn't going to be able to see clearly out of those lenses ever again all because he didn't even rinse them off after falling in the dirt... hmmm. Seriously?

Anywho, my sister-in-law made a point on her blog today about the need to "go private" and her timing was spot on with my own thoughts of doing the same thing. I'm struggling with censorship and wishing to have more control (fancy that!) over what I can allow myself to record here and share and discuss, but would a password protected blog force me to lose any of you whom I've slowly (gratefully) come to know and love in some cyber-tastic way? Would you come back? Would you log in? Would you miss me? It's funny, I'm quite secure in my own opinions of clothing and a zillion other topics which I don't tend to ask your advice on, but I've grown to LOVE the community and joy that is you're comments and am always wishing for more. I'd hope that would continue, but I'll make up my mind based on what will be best all around and I'll let you know.

Will you let me know too, the answers to my questions? Because, the next big post was going to be about how I've taken on a cleaning job to begin saving the gozillion dollars that I need to buy an slr camera that is better suited for my mind's eye and I WILL NEED YOUR HELP ON THAT ONE! That post was going to be all about how I'm pretty sure I want my camera to be BIG and to have a "D" in it's name, but that I really have no frick'n clue exactly what I want or what would be good for me so I was going to need some recommendations. I want to be able to zoom in on something like a deer and take a really nice picture of it (perhaps that's where the fiftytrillion alternate lenses comes in). I'm also tired of not being able to take a picture indoors- outside of the hours of noon and 4pm when the natural light is at it's peak. Other interesting and photo-worthy things sometimes happen at night or in LOW LIGHT SITUATIONS. Shock. I want to be able to shoot rapidly, many pictures in a row and have more than one turn out. You see where I'm going with this? My camera sucks. I've learned to use it in the way it works best, but it's SO DAMN limiting. I'm done. I'm tired of having great photo graphical ideas and being unable to follow through. I don't want to be a pro-photog, just a chick with a camera that can document when desired. It's going to take me a good six to eight months to come up with the moolah, but start educating me now so, I can feel a little less hopeless and more like I'm getting somewhere. It will be worth it, that's what I keep telling myself anyway.


Raven said...

I have a public blog with private posts on occasion. I have a post that I need to get out there but some of you haven't registered yet and I haven't quite figured out how to notify y'all about the private post.

I figure it's easier to keep people around if they only need to log-in every once in a while, instead of all the time, but I don't know how it shows with a feed reader (if at all).

I have a Canon Rebel XT. I also have 3 lenses to go with it as I didn't purchase it with a "kit" lens. I have a Tamron f2.8 17-50mm Di II LD, Canon f1.4 50 mm and Canon f3.4-5.6 28-80mm lenses. I am about to purchase my next lens which will be a zoom and it's going to be a Tamron because I can't afford Canon.

I would love to have a full frame 5d like Ashley or Emily but as I am not doing this as a business yet, I just can't justify the expense without a job. I love my XT and it has done me well so far. I will continue to round out my lenses until such time as I can upgrade my camera body and then all my lenses will just transfer to the new one.

Sweetest Petula said...

I vote for public, but then, what sort of shenanigans will you be discussing?

Will you be running for office someday?

Will your posts hurt others?

Do you and your husband like to swing (bong shicka bonk bonk), or dress up as pirates?

If yes to any of the above 3 questions, make it private.

always sunny said...
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always sunny said...

ditto. Cannon Rebel xt. i don't use this one for my jewelry, becasue i have a reg lens and a zoom lens.50-300mm is my big fella. i use the macro on my Sony Cybershot for super up close and personals. does great in all lights i find.

on the private or public.
i can see both ends. i was iffy on doing a blog for this exact reason. i can be very open to some, but a lot of me is very private. my blog is 80% censored. and i am ok with that. i don't want to hurt anyone feelings. i felt that if i had to have a private blog, that is exactly what i was doing, becasue ihad things to hide. i don't write about work or close family. aka: inlaws, or immediates. :) you know i could write a book and i choose not to. i think that if something is really that private to me, then i keep it private and don't write it. i have a public blog, and am also trying to get a "business" or a purpose out there and you draw in a whole bunch of people from every walk of life and someone is bound to know the person you are taking about.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker, I admit it. I love reading your about your family and seeing pics of your cute dogs. I hope you will continue with a public blog.

Modest Mousketeer said...

Thanks for all the input guys, all valid answers with helpful analysis of my options. I'm going to stay public and just let you see me dressed as a pirate from time to time and that's that. I think it will still frustrate me to have some "off limits topics," but I'll deal. Blogging has become a diary for me and a record of sorts which I would like to not hold back on, but I have to. You can't talk about your family shit or work chaos to the full extent, but do I NEED TO... no. Hey, who knows... maybe I'll realize I can just call someone and hash it out over the phone. Novel idea.

Here's to keeping it simple!

*flashes boobs with reckless abandon*

sufferingsummer said...

honestly I'd stay public. I'm really only going private due to Colin's work situation...not because I'm hiding anything or afraid of what I share. If it weren't for the possibility of crazies finding my blog and hunting down my children I'd probably stay public. Also I read a few articles on photo theft and stealing kids pictures from blogs is rampant and I don't want my kiddos out there being exposed in ways I would not choose.

always sunny said...

why am i never there when you flash those things?!! WARN ME!!!

Sidney Ann said...

I had another blog that my parents had strong differing opinions about. It was a travel blog... I went to Amsterdam... you do the math. They thought it was a cry for help for my drug and alcohol problem. I don't think they even read the one I have now just in case I slip and say a bad word like "boobie" or "Malibu". Oh crap, I've already used both those terms. And now we can add "crap" to the list too. I'm going straight to hell.

always sunny said...

hey sid! we can sit next to eachother!!!

Deborah said...

So great seeing all those pics of your family! How your sisters have grown! And your parents are still both adorable.

I realized that extended in-laws (grandmas, cousins, aunts) were reading my blog and it kind of freaked me out. I realized if I want to blog in the near future it needs to be business related, which is a bummer because I am not doing anything of the sort. But I am more private like that (ie, I really don't want super conservative distant in-laws reading really personal posts).

I would still follow your blog even if it went private. You are a really gifted writer, and your stories always crack me up.

I miss you!

Colleen Sherman said...

OK... if you went private, you better add me on your list of "approved readers." I've never really considered going private myself, but I know the frustration that comes along with censoring your blog. I found out a few months ago that my GRANDMOTHERS and my really conservative aunts read my blog. I'm surprised they haven't had an intervention yet because I *gasp* drink wine. I can basically only say I have A glass on occasion and will never post about the nights where I have more. Dang... b/c those would be some interesting posts too.

Lucky what you don't have to worry about is people googling your name. I wasn't thinking when I created my blog and I put my freaking FIRST AND LAST name as my web address. Now if anybody were to google my name (aka: future employers) they would immediately be brought to my blog (or the blog of somebody who has me as their link). So.... I am considering changing my address and asking people to take my full name off their site too. BUT until I start job searching, that isn't an issue.

Now... on the subject of cameras. I'm a Nikon girl... so the Rebel thing is lost on me. I LOVE my D80... and I believe there is a new D60 that is just a bit less. However if you're wanting a full sensor camera, go Canon 50D b/c of the price. Can't be beat for full sensor. Just can't.

Happy DSLR shopping! You've got a bunch of people out there who can help with any question you might have. :-)

Colleen Sherman said...

p.s. IF you were to go private you would basically have to be content with the amount of readers you have now... b/c your reader base would not be growing. Just a thought... b/c if you're wanting to be the next Dooce someday... going private won't help. But if you're not wanting to be Dooce... then never mind. :-)

Colleen Sherman said...

CORRECTION: Typo in my first comment... I meant Canon 5D... not 50D. :-) Ok, I'll stop commenting now.