Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How delightful!

Well, many things have been delightful these past few days like the walk we took around "the farm" on Sunday which also happens to be the winery where we held our wedding reception of sorts. You see, we were married in my Grandma's house with only the immediate family and then three days later had a bash with anyone and everyone to say "HURRAY WE'RE MARRIED, Eat! Drink! Be married!" Anywho, I digress. It was a lovely morning in the midst of week long rain fest and we enjoyed the boys immensely as they dove into the extraordinarily tall grass pretending to have a keen sense of smell and cat-like reflexes. We all know Rocko is the only one who has such senses or reflexes.

Post walk was a store run and I returned to the car with groceries to find this little twerp...

I suppose I would be wise to stop assuming that folding the seat forward does anything to detour Lucca from taking up residence there while I'm away and I should just accept that copious amounts of white hair will cling vigorously to my bum while we're wandering around as "sloppy weekend couple" number 2.

A bit later that day we got all gussied up and headed over the water once again for a family dinner in honor of Father's Day. Yes, it's early, but my Dad won't be able to stay through the holiday so we had to eat large quantities of food and consume many mojitos in his honor preemptively. It was now, or not for a long time people... WWJD?!?!?

Ferry ride- big boat, short ride, smells like popcorn and sometimes other stinky things.

Writing lovely things in a lovely card for the best Dad ever.

Check out the handsome Papa who actually took all of us out for dinner (what's wrong with that scenario?) and his tiniest granddaughter... so cute.

The taking us out was mostly because he had gift cards, don't think we're that lame. He's the funny one, taking us all out on gift cards. All in all a lovely weekend and despite my concerns that a full work week would be hard to settle in to I'm finding myself too busy to notice and too excited to care- check out the AMAZING LOOT we came home to tonight! Sweetest Petula, you outdid yourself! We love it all and we're so excited to get washing.

(We has received a fortune predicting our win.)

Cory, are you sure I can't use them on myself? They smell SOOO good.

Stay tuned for "Mother-in-law Comes to Dinner" and "One Week Without Cream." It's sure to be a colorful continuation of the week around here, we're on a roll.


Raven said...

Mmmmm, mojitos! I love them so!

Ashley said...

Yay sloppy weekend couples! And how adorable is RocKo's little package.

and can I just say Chloe does that same thing with the car set.. we try and try... but nooo. monster. oh well. good thing they are cute.

Sidney Ann said...

Aaah, so there's the man of the hour. And look at you! You're so cute!