Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is it just me or... he getting CUTER? It just doesn't stop I tell you, every time we turn around he's doing something adorable even if he's just sitting there, doing nothing... it's disgusting really.

This was a midday pupper nap on the new linens my dear coworker handed down to us and the verdict is... they're awesome and if you try to take them from us we'll kick your ass! (I'm just the messenger, Lucca said it.)

This past few days was busy, the busiest weekend we've had in awhile. I of course spent all of last week sure that I'd coughed up (or evicted via my sinuses) every one of my internal organs save for maybe a resilient kidney (I don't think I'm using my kidney's to their full potential by the way, but we'll discuss that at a later date). I've been exhausted, forgetful, spaced out and dare I say it... confused, all of which had made this weekend so desperately needed. I did get some rest and some sun, but mostly we cleaned and pulled together loose ends and did grown up things like recycling and mounting a silly hose hanger for the garden hose.

On Saturday morning I took all three boys to the beach and met a friend there with her dogs which meant a pack of six dogs and two humans in a wide open space with bountiful possibilities as to how things could go wrong. The walk was divine. All of our beasts behaved themselves and enjoyed each other emensely as well as the several other dogs we met along the way. The only problem...

These are the faces of two boys who think SLIMY, ROTTEN, DECROADED seal flesh is good for rolling in.

It's shameful how bad they smelled, I could've taken a dump in my hand and put that up near my face to smell a more appealing smell than that of my nasty-coated dogs on our drive home. Yes, my poo smells like flowers. What of it. I can't believe I just said that, all of it.

Sometime on Saturday, after the nasty dogs were ALL bathed and spritzed with their GCD yummies and before my sweetie went out for the night to show his birthday-boy brother a good time, my bike basked was successfully mounted and Lucca was informed of his newest duty.

Lucca duty #37: Ride around in bike basket willingly and without attempted escape or gymnastic/suicidal maneuvers while mother weaves to and fro clearly unsteady and seemingly hurling you toward imminent death. Do not whine. Do not bark.

Sunday = Shooting lesson wherein Hans smokes Cam and Cam tries to blame this on the aforementioned sickness. Cam pulled it out of her ass in the end and proved she is in fact a natural at shooting silhouettes (or in this case, bowling pins) and the competitiveness was a healthy and healing dose for all. Cam and Hans love going to church, I mean the gun range, on Sunday mornings- it's so much fun to share this hobby.

FIERCE! Raaawr.

Sunday also = Bug! Bug receives Pinocchio from Auntie and Uncle Gunslinger and she thinks he's a funny guy because he can "stand here and look backwards out the window." Hurray for toys that have rotating heads! That wooden Pinocchio has been with me for a long time and it was very special because my Grandmother gave it to me, but I think my little lovely here should have it, something tells me she will enjoy his two noses.

Sunday continued to = a bike ride that nearly killed me with our return trip UPHILL. WTF! I mean, I exercise regularly, but that crap is a totally different kind of torture. Cross training kills people, look out. It doesn't help that my bike needs a new NON-BENT back wheel and that the breaks are permanently ENGAGED however, I would like to do something about that F-ing hill that connects our house to my parent's house... it's just totally in the way. Jackhammer? Dynamite? Something nuclear? I'll think on that and in the meanwhile, I'll have one less Breve' this week to try and lighten my load.

Just wait until you see the cool stuff that was in my mailbox today... the giveaway prize came and it's cooler than the pictures let on. Someone is going to receive a super sweet journal, better make sure it's YOU! Enter the contest, we're loving your honest revelations of irrational fears, way to dig deep my friends!

See you tomorrow~


sufferingsummer said...

wow what a cram packed weekend. Thanks for the glimpse of my darling girl...we sure miss her but I know she's have a smashing time with all those aunties! I think we may be heading up there today to pick her up, maybe we'll catch a glimpse of you as well:)

Raven said...

My girls could never fulfill the basket duty. They surely would KILL US ALL!

Anonymous said...

LOVE That first pic, that look just kills me!

always sunny said...

unfortunately, it not you. he IS continuing to get cuter. how is that even possible. he's like my husband...the older he gets, the hotter he gets. except nathan doesn't drool. (at least i have never seen him)

always sunny said...
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always sunny said...

cam and Hans love going to church, I mean the gun range, on Sunday mornings-


oh, and i missed you in church this past sunday..weird.

Colleen Sherman said...

Lucca is seriously one of my most favorite blog-dogs ever! He's got just the sweetest face. So adorable!!

Bravo on getting him to sit in the bike basket too. Rocco can't even handle being inside a massive shopping cart, let alone a bike basket.

sohobutterfly said...

I love boxer jowls.

That pictures of you on the bike is PRECIOUS!!!